HR Software Development

hr software development

IntexSoft has been engaged in Human Resources software development since 2011. Within these years of experience, the developed tools automated and optimized the HRM workflows in 10+ companies. We are proud of the fact that the products developed by our team were successfully distributed among our clients and their customers.

Web HR management platforms

Web HR management platforms

HR management platforms make our clients’ companies grow quickly and efficiently. When working on such platforms we put a particular emphasis on security, as these systems usually store a lot of critical information about inner processes, employees, etc. To prevent data breaches our specialists always make sure the system is highly protected to make the companies’ workflows go safely.

Human Resources Mobile Apps

Human Resources Mobile Apps

Mobile HR applications are a must-have for companies in our contemporary mobile-dependent world. These apps allow companies to synchronize and optimize the workflow between different departments with prompt notifications on new tasks, comments etc. In this way, the clients, their managers, and employees always stay up-to-date on their companies’ activities despite their location.

HRM modules implementation

HRM modules implementation

Whether a client needs a web or mobile platform, HR management systems developed by IntexSoft experts, can function as full-cycle HRM platforms or just include the particular modules needed in order to optimize correspondent processes. Here are the core modules we are proficient at:

  • Recruitment module

  • Key features of such modules usually include the creation of employee and candidate profiles, posting jobs to particular websites and social networks, interviews scheduling, and candidate assessments.

  • Onboarding module

  • This module is crucially useful for each person involved in the onboarding process: new employees, their mentors and HR managers. Thanks to this module, a mentor can create onboarding tasks for both HRM and new employee, monitor and manage their performance.

  • Performance tracking module

  • This type usually undertakes all activities related to workloads monitoring, tracking task lifecycles, as well as group and individual performance evaluation. Using this HR management module, our clients receive cumulative yet concise reports presenting vital data for their companies.

  • Benefits Management Module

  • Such modules developed by our software engineers help managers in creating benefit plans and sharing them with employees and their supervisors. The module also performs such tasks as generating reports and statistics on the amount of benefits per employee, monthly benefit expenditures, etc.

  • Training module

  • HR management systems, including this module, are used to identify staff training needs and work on development programs corresponding to those needs. We develop training modules for different levels: varied from new employee training manuals to educational plans for learning the features of HRMS depending on the employees’ roles.

  • Payroll Management Module

  • This module can save significant amounts of time and money spent on third-party accountants and consultants since the payroll management module is able to manage employee benefits, deduct unpaid leave or sick-leave, account travel expenses and confirm tax compliance.