The State Hermitage Museum

The application is a mobile guide to the Hermitage: the user can view a map of the museum and read detailed information about the exhibits.


Striving to increase the attendance and make visiting the museum more fruitful and interactive, our client decided to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS.


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • UI/UX designer

  • 2 Android developers

  • iOS developer

  • QA Specialist


One of the key tasks within the project was to develop a virtual map and configure navigation in the museum. Our specialists used a GPS-system to implement this feature. With the help of Wi-Fi access points and Bluetooth beacons, the exact location of the user’s device is detected and indicated on the museum map. When the application is started, a user can see in which exhibition room they are located, and the information about the exhibits of this hall.


In the application, a user can find the location of other Hermitage complexes on Google Maps and learn how to get to them. Our developers also set up GPS navigation to the museum for cars.


Another additional crucial task was to develop a virtual tour feature for the exhibition rooms. For this, our specialists used panoramic photographs of the Hermitage halls. With the help of this feature users can view the halls as if they were there, being outside of the museum. When a user rotates the screen of the smartphone, the image of the hall rotates as well. This way, the user can view all the exhibits. By clicking on the object, a user can zoom it in and read the description. Images of halls and exhibits can be shared on social networks.


IntexSoft specialists ensured the full-fledged operation of the app in offline mode. During the upload, images and texts are saved to the device, so information is available even without an Internet connection.


It is also possible to buy a ticket to the museum in the app – the purchase is carried out through the interface of the museum’s website, adapted for mobile devices. We additionally developed a news page in the application: the admin fills the pages with information about new exhibits, excursions, and other events via the web interface.


One of the client’s requirements was to set up a demo mode, Intexsoft specialists created this feature which gives free access to all the content and functionality of the application.


During the development process, the IntexSoft team followed an iterative approach. The IntexSoft team interacted with the client’s project manager throughout the development process. Before each iteration, our team discussed further plans for app development with the client.


  • Navigation

    Virtual map and navigation in the museum and GPS navigation to the museum

  • Search

    Search for exhibition rooms and information about them, search for exhibition complexes of the museum on Google Maps

  • Info

    Access to the museum news, the ability to share images of the hall and exhibits in social networks

  • Modes

    Offline mode and demo mode

  • Other

    Virtual tour in the exhibition halls, ticket purchase

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