Magento for eCommerce

IntexSoft team delivers excellent eCommerce websites using Magento. Being one of the most powerful platforms for selling goods online, it is capable of withstanding up to 1.000.000 visitors and 100.000 transactions per second and still work stable and smooth. Most popular and convenient payment methods can be easily integrated into the platform therefore ensuring the best customer experience.

Business problems faced

Information security and data protection

Have you heard about cases when large retailers couldn’t protect their databases that contained contact and payment information of their clients? As a result this data can be used for various unpredictable purposes. But such issues can be prevented with Magento 2: thanks to the powerful community support and constant security updates.

Your emails in client’s spam

Order confirmation messages and notifications on new sales may got into clients’ spam folder which may cause some concern. One more negative consequence is that due to mass mail distribution your system can get blacklisted. Our team knows some tricks to handle this.

Complex payment process and inconvenient payment methods

Sometimes even ready-to-buy clients may leave your website just because they have some difficulties during the payment process. But such problems are in the past. Magento 2 webshops can be easily integrated with any payment system.

Poor customer feedback

Having their sales decreased, sellers often have difficulty identifying causes. We can integrate analytics tools and customer feedback block into your webshop which will solve this problem.

What features you get

Our team deeply analyzes the issues and needs of your business picking the most suitable functionality to solve them. On your request, we can empower your future software product with any other additional features over recommended ones.

Who needs the solution

This solution is highly recommended for companies selling any type of products online. This will suit businesses of any size and sales volume.

Solution Services

Analysis of business situation and requirements.

Coming up with the solution and compilation of technical requirements.

Dedicated consultant (lead manager that will consult you on all issues concerning your future product and provide reports if needed);

Solution development (this includes web or mobile app design, development, testing as well as integration and deployment stages).

Tools and Technologies

As a base for your future system we use Magento 2. The choice of other technologies depends on functionality you require.

Why it’s better than ready-made product?

Unlike those products, our solution will be tailored to each tiny specifics of your company: size, industry, budgets, internal policies and any other aspects that are critical for you.

Why it’s more beneficial than typical custom development?

We suggest you only those solutions and technologies proved by many years of our experience and success of our long-term clients. Plus, such approach will cut the costs and delivery time.