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Resment HR

A SaaS app designed to automate Human Resource Management processes.


The company wanted to develop a service that would simplify the shifts and vacations planning, as well as automate the accounting of working hours and payrolls. The company recruited us to develop the backend for their web app, as they already had mock-ups and frontend part ready.


Team Composition

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • 4 Backend developers

  • 2 QA engineers




IT experts


months project duration


We used the Symfony framework as the main development tool since it was the most relevant technology for the client’s tasks.


The client provided us with the frontend part. Our team connected the web app with cloud storage and API. Also, our developers customized such functions as user management, notifications, integration with third-party services.


While working on the project, IntexSoft used custom software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs).


MySQL was used as the database.


Our team used an HTTPS connection to ensure secure data transmission and user information confidentiality.


Access to the API server is protected with a password – a user needs to be authorized to use the app.


The developers also implemented an access right sharing system: a limited number of users can view particular information.

Methodology & Transparency

The IntexSoft team used an iterative approach in the development process. Our specialists carried out tasks in parallel with continuous analysis of the results obtained and adjustments to previous stages of work.


To ensure maximum transparency, IntexSoft provided the client with access to the corporate project management system Jira. At the end of each iteration, the project manager organized a review of the project, where we collected feedback from the client and discussed how to improve the app.


  • Personnel management module

    Documents, pay sheets, certificates, and other information about employees is stored in the system

  • Work scheduling

    Employees can check the beginning and end of their work shift, lunch break, and vacation leaves

  • Shifts planning

    A manager can create a shift schedule, distribute staff changes, monitor implementation of the work plan, and ensure interchangeability

  • Notifications

    The manager gets a notification in case of unplanned absence of an employee

  • Leaves or day-offs planning

    An employee can plan vacations and day-offs; the manager can follow the holiday plan and regulate the employee's schedule

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