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We provide business analysis services to find suitable technical solutions and achieve the specific goals of your business

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Business Analysis in Software Development

Business analysis services minimize the risk the solution won’t meet the client’s requirements. Business analysts are a strong communication bridge between stakeholders and the development team. They are involved in the project throughout the whole software development life cycle.
  • Initiation and Planning

  • Requirements and Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Deployment and Maintenance

  • Initiation and Planning

    • discovery workshops with stakeholders
    • identification of needs, goals, and objectives
    • feasibility analysis
    • risks assessment
    • estimates on the work effort
    • definition of the project approach
  • Requirements and Analysis

    • definition of business requirements and reporting back to stakeholders
    • documenting the requirements
    • requirements validation
    • scoping and prioritization
    • budgeting and forecasting
    • communicating the requirements to the team
  • Design

    • definition of design options
    • identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Development

    • demonstration of the results within sprints
    • feedback gathering
    • tech team support
  • Testing

    • support of QA and User Acceptance testing
    • analysis of the software output, behavior, and functions
    • triaging of QA and UAT defects
  • Deployment and Maintenance

    • readiness review
    • delivery support
    • manuals preparation
    • post-release communication


In order to provide you with the most suitable solution, our experts thoroughly analyze all the collected data and prepare all the necessary documentation.

  • Clear project requirements

    This type of document is needed to specify all of your project requirements, even the tiniest details so the development team understands them correctly and provides the exact solution you need.

  • Complete description of tasks

    Based on your requirements business analysts create tasks with detailed descriptions, so the development team has the exact plan for the successful implementation of your project.

  • Structured project documentation

    This is a must, especially if you want to give your product a long life. One day, you’ll have to add new features, or migrate it, or fix some big emerging issues. To do everything properly and faster, software testers and developers should figure out how everything works, which is always described in the documentation.

  • Verification and validation of the developed solution

    Solution validation determines whether the product corresponds to end-customers needs, which helps to verify product specifications to meet customer needs.

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