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B2B Online Store

A B2B online store based on the Magento platform for selling goods and services within the construction domain.


The client has a goal to organize and automate the processes of selling partners’ goods and services. Only partners and employees of the company should be able to access the platform. The role of the IntexSoft team was to develop a B2B online store from scratch based on the Magento platform. 


Team Composition

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • 2 Backend developers

  • Frontend developer

  • QA Engineer


years project duration


IT experts


synchronizations with SAP systems


Our specialists developed a B2B online store from the bottom up.


We tuned access to the system for several types of users:


  • Internal users: employees have access to the application with a single sign-on technology. 
  • External users: the partners provide the company with direct customers. Such users are not employees of the company but are able to access the system using a single sign-on technology. 
  • Bank users: employees of banks that give loans for real estate construction to direct customers. These users do not have access rights via a single sign-on technology. They are registered directly by entering an identification number (Steuer-ID). After validation, the system provides users with access.


One of the most important technical tasks was the synchronization of the service with two SAP systems, between which information is exchanged on:


  • goods
  • pricing
  • product residues
  • user addresses
  • orders
  • shipping tracking numbers


IntexSoft specialists developed a flexible system for ordering goods and services, which was vital since the store is used by various types of users from different organizations.


Users order products as a legal entity, so when they enter the online store, the system determines which organization the user works in and bills the respective company. In addition, while ordering, a user can specify any delivery address.


IntexSoft specialists took the following measures to ensure security on the project:


  • Applied the obfuscation method to correspond with GDPR requirements. If user data is to be removed from the system, it will be obfuscated. 
  • Enabled user authentication: using a single sign-on technology, identification number, or email confirmaion. 
  • Organized the periodical update process for the Magento development environment. 
  • Maintained access to servers via SSH in accordance with the IP added to the whitelist.
Methodology & Transparency

During the project, the IntexSoft team followed the Kanban methodology.


The client gave our team access to the Jira for communication and tasks management. Within the active development phase, we coordinated tasks with the client on a daily basis. For the less active phase, our team provided weekly reports.


  • User management

    separation of user types for providing appropriate access to the system, definition of the organization of a particular user

  • Synchronization

    service synchronization with SAP systems

  • Work with orders

    invoicing and delivery ordering

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