Custom Logistics Software Development

Reduce logistics expenses and human errors by automating the core processes

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Within our custom logistics software development services, we build particular applications at your request or help to automate logistics & transportation processes by analyzing your challenges and delivering technical solutions to complete them.

  • Tendering systems development

    Facilitate the procurement process with tendering systems. Such systems save your precious time searching for suppliers and tenders based on set parameters.

  • Logistics Application Modernization

    Ensure the seamless operation and relevance of your systems. Timely migration and modernization significantly decrease the possibility of data breaches and systems’ collapse.

  • Driver activity monitoring apps

    Ensure smooth transportation with applications for driver activity monitoring. We deliver apps that can track and record the working time to prevent fines and allow a supervisor to monitor the route.

  • SCM software development

    Maximize the efficiency of supply chain management with SCM software. We develop the systems to help you with product development, sourcing, production, and logistics by automating core operations such as supply chain transactions, supplier relationships management, and performance control.

  • OMS development

    Fulfill customers’ expectations from formulation to implementation with the help of our custom logistics software development services. We develop Order Management Systems that automate the coordination of entire order execution from order collection, inventory, delivery visibility to service availability.

  • Advanced features implementation

    With camera-based barcode scanning, fuel consumption analysis, cargo door open sensors, and more, your company can cut expenses and prevent unexpected situations. Using such a solution, a driver can receive messages and notifications, while on-route and with a poor Internet connection.

Custom Logistics Software Development

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