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IntexSoft is a software product development company providing end-to-end software development services for businesses and IT companies worldwide. Organizing teamwork, we take care of the development process while our clients are doing progress.

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Core software product development services

      Benefits of Outsourcing Software Product Development to IntexSoft

      • Idea validation

        Our team of Research & Development experts and Business Analysts study the idea of the product and business needs far and wide, persue market and competetive research if needed, and identify bottlenecks that could impact software and business efficiency. Get a step-by-step plan and requirements documented, minimize financial and operational project risks, and embark on software development flawlessly with a clear product vision and estimations. We also offer MVP and PoC development services to validate and test your business hypotheses with minimal financial risk.

      • Full-Staffed Team

        Throughout 20 years, we have built a system of 100% in-house development, which means we do not involve third-party IT outsource companies to successfully deliver software products to our clients. We have gathered all specialists your project may demand “under one roof”: Project Managers and Business Analysts, Developers and QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers and DevOps engineers. Now we have 350+ skilled specialists and keep growing each year.

      • Flexibility

        While developing software products we adhere to flexibility for both technical solution and processes & communication. As a client, you can regulate your engagement level into the project, adjust requirements at any project stage for a reasonable additional price and rely on our dedicated Project Managers who will support the whole project development process and address any issues promptly.

      • Business-centric approach

        As a software product development company, we focus on business pecularities and challenges of our clients, their primary goals, pay close attention to details and quality, and also make the development process advantageous for all parties involved.

      • Security and stability

        Here at IntexSoft we consider the high importance of digital security and stable software operation for business sucess. Our software engineers and tech experts leverage advanced technologies to build secure, stable-perfomance and scalable applications to provide your software product work as a Swiss clock and stay in-line with best-in-class security standards.

      • Hands-on expertise

        As a software development company with a 20+ years of background, we’ve managed to get an extensive experience in custom product development for start-ups and midsize companies, mobile and web software development, enterprise software modernization and migration, and also in delivery of domain-specific solutions that helped businesses to automate their inner processes. Our core tech stack includes Java, PHP, Node.js, Vue, React, iOS, Android and cross-platfrom technologies.

      • On-demand cooperation models

        Specializing on bespoke product software development, we offer staff augmentation services as well. Whenever you need, we can extend your team with specialists needed or provide you with a dedicated team to scale your development capacities and stay on the schedule with a project.

      • Long-lasting partneship

        In our cooperation with clients we aim at total transparency, clear communication and top-quality of software solutions. That’s why about 25% of our clients stay with us with no need to toggle between IT service providers saving their time and money. Benefit from effortless communication, free tech consultations, result-oriented approach and end-to-end software product development with IntexSoft.

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      Implementing meaningful software products

      IntexSoft started as a small startup with 4 Java developers in 2001. Now we are a 350+ talents company, cooperating with small, medium and large companies worldwide. With a strong team of specialists of different profiles, we offer a complete range of software development services and help organizations to gain competetive advantage by transforming digitally.


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      We needed to update two calculators on our product, which was outdated and in Flash. The calculators were implemented into last detail and working flawlessly. From IntexSoft’s side everything was very professionally organized. They listened to feedback well and made the needed moderations to the tools. IntexSoft finished a complex project ahead of time and always asked if there is something they can help with.

      We wanted to modernize our SaaS application to improve its compatibility with and performance for our customers. Due to our positive experiences, we entrusted this large project to the IntexSoft. Their team is friendly and competent and is quick to solve any issue we have. Their suggestions for improvement consistently deliver good value. Our long-time product now has an overhauled UI and UX that is much easier for our customers to use.

      We provide a sort of product information management system for tourism destinations. IntexSoft developed many of these components. End users appreciate the software’s speedy interfaces and polished, intuitive designs. IntexSoft’s affordable pricing scale and flexible agile development procedures make complex solutions viable. The team was available 24/7 for requests, and constantly monitored the software for bugs.

      The project was about a data analytics application that allow the customer (a Telcom company) to monitor their infrastructure and help the prioritization of the intervention. We conducted multiple interviews with different vendors, and IntexSoft developers were the most skilled and available in a quite short time. Developers had a good skillset and are able to self organize on their assigned tasks.

      IntexSoft specialists have worked on multiple projects. Deliverables include frontend and backend development and testing for web and mobile platforms. Their work has helped us promote our customers’ brands and improve customers’ market share. The team is highly qualified, flexible, and transparent.

      The project is a series of fintech products for small and medium-sized businesses in the segment. Within the project, IntexSoft’s specialists worked on both the front-end and the back-end parts using Java and React. The specialists very quickly and efficiently joined the client’s team and integrated into the development process. They demonstrated high competence in performing the tasks and adapted to the workflow of the client within a short time.