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Free consultation

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Trial period
If you are not sure whether offshore work is effective or not, we can offer you the possibility to enjoy our services on a trial basis. For up to a 20-40 person-hours period we provide you with the needed development resources. After the end of this period, you can estimate the result: if you’re not satisfied, you don't need to pay.
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In-depth analysis & consulting
We do not just develop software products. Based on our extensive experience we make a deep analysis of clients’ industry, business processes’ peculiarities and suggest the best possible solutions for your goals. We can also arrange free consultations to provide you with recommendations and develop a project development plan.
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With a non-disclosure agreement signed with IntexSoft, you can always be sure that your product idea or other details will not be disclosed to anyone. You sign NDA with us, we sign it with all the specialists involved in your project.


The solution is integral to all internal operations. IntexSoft manages the project using agile methodology, which enables open communication, speedy iterations, and the flexible prioritization of tasks. They are an intuitive team with excellent collaboration skills.

Alex Mayzlin

CEO of LuteIt Corp.

The product’s revamped UI and UX are highly attractive to potential customers. IntexSoft manages the project with a streamlined communication system that resolves issues and responds to requests rapidly. Their extensive technical experience and positive attitude make for a well-rounded partner.

Klaus Messlinger

Senior Consultant, LOTS OF DOTS MediaGroup. AG

The team’s work on various solutions has promoted customer brands and improved market shares. This broadly capable partner is easily accessible and can accommodate many different projects.

Thomas Kockler

Project manager, w&co MediaServices

Thanks to their deep-knowledge base and thorough, technical, responsive project management, IntexSoft has become a go-to development partner. Their adaptability regarding priorities and timelines and penchant for working outside of normal hours helped cement their elevated status.

Procurement Manager, Software and Service Provider

The system’s performance has improved and it’s primed to scale upwards. IntexSoft managed the project smoothly, providing regular progress updates and collaboratively planning next-steps. They displayed a laudable work ethic and flexible style, working through holidays if necessary.

Dmitry Bogdanov

Product Manager, Alytics

IntexSoft’s efficient, responsive, and streamlined communication and rapid issue resolution produced high quality results that met all established requirements. Although their QA system can be improved, the team was consistent and experienced, working quickly to meet all deadlines.

Project Manager, Software Development Company

After its launch, the application was downloaded over 1,000 times and received a 4.7 rating on Google Play. The team was positive throughout the development, collaborating effectively, and transparently managing the project.

Maksim Kuznecov

CEO, ZlojDalnoboy

End users appreciate the software's speedy interfaces and polished, intuitive designs. IntexSoft's affordable pricing scale and flexible agile development procedures make complex solutions viable. The team is available 24/7 for requests, and constantly monitors the software for bugs.

Founder & CEO, Digital Advertising Company

IntexSoft’s communication and technical skills make them well-suited for collaborative projects. They produce quality results while remaining accessible to project stakeholders.

President, Software Engineering Company