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UX/UI Design Services

Develop your product with a team that establishes a clear design process and delivers a spot-on result. Turn to IntexSoft’s UI and UX services. Our UI/UX design team will use their experience to help you build an engaging product.


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What Do We Offer Within UI/UX Design Services

Proper design is a key to a predictable customer journey, efficient usability, and increased ROI. Within UI/UX design services our team creates relevant and meaningful interfaces guided by a complex human-centric approach.


Since 2001, we have gathered a great deal of experience in different types of digital solutions in Ecommerce, Banking and Fintech, Telecom and Logistics, HR, and Enterprise, among other industries.

  • UX/UI Audit

    Our designers carefully assess your software’s performance, user needs, and industry standards. Based on what we learn, we provide you with general recommendations and a step-by-step checklist of what exactly needs to be changed.

  • Mobile application design services

    Make your app stand out from the competition. Within mobile application UI/UX design services, our team dives deep into the user scenarios and peculiarities of the target audience while making sure the product coincides with your business goals.

  • Custom web design services

    Considering the best practices of web UI/UX design, we pay special attention to interfaces to make the solution outshine the competitive landscape. Within our web design services, you get a thought-out professional design for each page.

  • Application redesign

    Benefit from our product design services and refresh your application. Within UI/UX redesign services, we analyze your goals and target audiences considering the trends and application scope to design new experiences and interfaces.

  • Enterprise application UI/UX design

    Enterprise application design deals with deliberate logic and high convenience for the end-users. Our designers develop simple interfaces for complex goals, so it’s easy for you to integrate the application into your company’s processes.

  • eCommerce web design

    Tap into our experience in eCommerce web design to cut the time from the first visit to the conversion. Having such vital aspects as clear navigation and brand identity in mind, our UX/UI team creates a hassle-free customer journey to their purchases.

UI/UX Design Process

At IntexSoft we adhere to the 5 stages design process. During the product design process, we follow the Agile principles, working in sprints, and coordinating the prototypes, interfaces and intermediate results with the customer. Throughout the UI/UX design process, we maintain the balance between an outstanding user interface upholding the brand spirit and a simple, intuitive user experience. Our design team also pays close attention to well-organized architecture of the product to provide user friendliness.
  • Discovery

  • Research & Analysis

  • Ideation (UX, Prototyping)

  • Concept Validation

  • Visual Design

  • Discovery

    • Our designers collect the information about the business environment and the product idea

    • They collect the aspects of the project to identify and frame challenges and opportunities

  • Research & Analysis

    • The research and analysis phase is to draw insights from the data collected during the discovery phase

    • Using the latest tools and methodologies, our designers dive deep into user behaviour

    • Going from “what” users want/think/need to “why” they really need and use the product

    • On this stage IntexSoft designers study and confirm the most important assumptions

  • Ideation (UX, Prototyping)

    • Our design specialists generate ideas and translate them into connected prototypes/wireframes

    • The design team creates several scaled-down versions of the product (or specific product features) to wrap it up into a concept

  • Concept Validation

    • Once you have a prototype, it must be validated

    • The purpose of concept validation is to test the software product to ensure it meets the user requirements and needs

  • Visual Design

    • UI/UX design is about crafting the captivating interfaces based on user feedback and insights received

    • Using the latest technologies, our UI/UX design team is working on a perfect look of your product

Core UI/UX Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Benefit with our UI/UX design services

  • Hands-on experience

    Our designers have wide expertise in making digital products good-looking and intuitively intuitive for end-users across industries. No matter the product is – corporate or commercial – we match our experience and industry guidelines to deliver the product the best it can be.

  • Insights for continuous improvement

    Offering UI/UX audit and R&D services, IntexSoft specialisrs get to the bottom of areas for enhacements and provide our clients with data-based recommendations.

  • Smooth process

    By hiring IntexSoft for UI/UX design team, you get flexibility in both communication and the design process. You can regulate your engagement level into the project, and rely on our dedicated Project Managers who will support the whole project development process.

  • Avoid over-investing

    Each new project calls out for a certain amount of risk. Investing in an effective UX design can significantly reduce your costs down the line. With our UI/UX design focussing on research, analysis, and concept validation and testing, we are setting software peoducts for success.