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Deploy your product faster, decrease the time-to-market, and cut the overall project costs.

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DevOps professional services

With an experienced team under the roof, we know how to ensure the higher quality of your product or system with DevOps services. Besides traditional DevOps practices, our specialists are skilled in top directions like containers and their orchestration using Kubernetes and Docker in the cloud as well as on-premise.

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    • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

      With best CI/CD practices, we ensure every change of the code is tested automatically so that new features and releases are delivered to production much faster and safer.

    • Configuration management

      We ensure each configuration of the system managed at each state, ensuring consistency across software systems and increasing their efficiency. Describing and automating the whole infrastructure with code manifests, our DevOps engineers minimize the risk of human error, save precious time for other critical tasks, and significantly speed up the delivery.

    • Infrastructure Management

      Following modern DevOps practices like GitOps and IaC, we deliver the infrastructure prepared for further scaling, load-balancing, configuring, backing up, and monitoring for compliance with continuous operation.

    • Monitoring

      We constantly monitor the state and performance of applications, services, and infrastructure in production to quickly respond to any turn-downs in the system.

    • Security

      Security is above everything else. We follow the security-oriented DevSecOps practices from the very start of the software development lifecycle to minimize the bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in security.

    • Cloud Infrastructure

      Planning and provisioning cloud resources and services (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS) to get your business-critical solutions managed in the cloud while focusing on other things important to your business.

    • Cloud migration

      Moving your applications, data, and even whole infrastructure flawlessly to the cloud to access greater elasticity and scalability.

    • Audit

      Our DevOps team analyzes the whole picture of the current project and infrastructure state and provides a checklist of improvements: from building automation strategy and technology selection to continuous improvement and transformation.

    • Infrastructure strategy

      Get specific guidance on how to build a reliable, flexible, and secure infrastructure from scratch in the cloud or on-premise.


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