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Enterprise application development services

Automate, optimize and power your business-critical processes with customly designed enterprise software solutions

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Custom Enterprise Application Development

IntexSoft provides enterprise application development services for corporations and big market players to enhance their inner processes, providing relevant and scalable software solutions. Leverage our expertise in software development to cover the resource gap, unlock new potential and streamline business capacities.

Let’s find a way of smart automation of your business together

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Reimagine essential enterprise operation workflows

Here at IntexSoft we transform business processes with software for maximum productivity and efficiency. From additional modules for existing enterprise systems to brand new tailor-made software applications for business – everything your company needs for better technological and business experience made in one place.

Enterprise application development process

Developing technologically savvy software 100% tailored to your business needs by conducting ideation sessions, discovering core company demands and wrapping it up with our software development expertise:
  • Discovery

  • Requirements & Roadmapping

  • Design

  • Development

  • QA & Testing

  • Deployment & Maintenance

  • Discovery

    • together with business analysts we define your needs and validate the idea

    • we discuss best-fit technical solutions

    • at this stage we provide you with approximate budget and effort estimates

  • Requirements & Roadmapping

    • our analysts gather, validate, document and prioritise the requirements

    • we plan a step-by-step roadmap of the project

  • Design

    • UX/UI designers analyze your business needs, requirements and end-user behaviour

    • we craft interfaces and software logic leveraging both the business- and human-centric approach

  • Development

    • dev team comes into the game and build your system brick by brick according to the requirements

    • the dev team together with PM performs demos of the software and provides you with the progress reporting as often as you need

    • during the development stage you can suggest improvements or changes

  • QA & Testing

    • we test your system functionality over and over again until it’s polished

    • QA and testing specialists conduct manual & automated testing of your system to make sure it is spotless

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    • before deployment of the system we conduct user acceptance testing, prepare manuals and tech documentation

    • DevOps engineers together with the dev team transfers the system securely to your environment

    • at your request, we offer several support and maintenance packages

Get your business revamped with bespoke enterprise application development services

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Why choose our enterprise application development services?

  • Relevant automation of your business

    Custom enterprise app development requires deep understanding of business processes and challenges to be solved with the software. To implement digital automation in a way that makes sense for your organization and make the software match with your specific business objectives we offer business analysis services. BA specialists dive deep into the details, make research, and come up with the best cost-effective solution wrapped up in estimations, specifications and requirements.

  • Full-stack team for a successful release

    Business analysts, UX/UI designers, software developers, QA engineers and DevOps specialists with experience in enterprise app development are at your service. Having 300+ proven specialists in-house, we cover the whole spectrum of IT services: from custom integrations to end-to-end software development.

  • Proven technologies & expertise

    While designing enterprise applications we leverage the very technologies that will provide software scalability and flexibility for smooth and flawless business operations. Our core tech stack includes Java, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Vue and others which won a reputation for being the most reliable in the industry.

  • Flexibility

    While developing enterprise applications we adhere to flexibility for both technical solutions and processes & communication. You can regulate your engagement level into the project, adjust requirements at any project stage for a reasonable additional price and rely on our dedicated Project Managers who will support the whole project development process and address any issues promptly.

  • On-demand cooperation models

    Once your internal IT team is fully busy on business important tasks, we offer staff augmentation services to fill in the technical talents gap. We will extend your team with engineers and developers of a needed skill set or provide you with a dedicated team to scale organization capacities and empower your company with a suitable enterprise solution.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Specializing in full cycle software development, we offer post-production support of enterprise applications and systems. Usually, within the post-release support, IntexSoft specialists monitor the stability of operation and fix the emerging bugs if there are any.

Benefit from our enterprise application development services

Transform digitally
Maximise business efficiency
Save time and money
Focus on what really matters

Additional services to predict project success and prevent extra-investment

If your enterprise is running legacy software systems, or you face disruption and costly downtime on a regular basis, we will review, analyze, dig down the reasons & vulnerabilities and provide you with a check-list of improvements.

What you get:

  • A better understanding of what your system can, can’t, and could do
  • Report with the system redundancies, code efficiency and discrepancies
  • An action plan that will guide you to the system efficiency

Whether you are about to enhance existing software products or launch a new product, we offer conducting Research and Development to make your software profitable.

What do we offer:

  • A team of specialists study the idea and conducts thorough investigation
  • The analysis helps to identify innovative tech solutions for the tasks
  • As a result, you get a plan of opportunities and requirements, mitigation of the risk the solution will be non-working, and ROI boost

Proof of concept (PoC) is a practical-proven option to validate the app idea. It demonstrates the practical feasibility of a method, idea, and technologies of a future product. If you have an idea, we offer our hands and minds to provide such an analysis before actually prototyping and launching your product.

Advantages of PoC:

  • Demonstrates feasibility and confirms potential
  • Identifies potential pitfalls, weaknesses, and risks
  • Exposes a realistic implementation of a part of the whole system

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Free bonus within enterprise application services

We offer free audit options for enterprise applications to reveal the business-critical bottlenecks and eliminate them. Leverage one of the offers below and streamline your enterprise solution with IntexSoft:

Audit options

  • Recommendations for the architecture and auto testing tools
  • Database normalization audit
  • Database audit for data integrity
  • Library safety and relevance audit
  • Software functionality analysis
  • Analysis of the logging system for data redundancy

Enterprise application development: core questions answered

What is an enterprise application development?

What is an enterprise application development?

Enterprise application development is the complex process of creating applications for large businesses and organizations that are catered to their specific demands. Since many of out-of-the-box solutions offer a limited set of functions, enterprises often resort to custom enterprise software development.
What is example of enterprise application?

What is example of enterprise application?

Enterprise software is intended to support major areas of business. For example, software such as SAP, encorporates ERP&Finance, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management and other products to cover complex business needs.
Is ERP a customized software?

Is ERP a customized software?

Of-the-shelf ERP solutions often have little opportunity for customization. In a nutshell, you pay money for a defined functionality set; customization can sometimes be implemented for extra money. Custom ERP systems, on the contrary, has a unique set of functions to serve your particular industry and fit the workflow of your company.