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Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

With our extensive range of custom enterprise mobile app development services, IntexSoft builds turnkey tools and apps based upon the ecosystem of your organization, constructing products designed to increase business growth and meet business objectives. As an experienced enterprise app development company, we help you build high-performing, engaging, and feature-packed applications for both Android and iOS devices. IntexSoft provides custom enterprise mobile application development services for any size business.

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Capabilities of our enterprise development agency

Boost your online presence and business opportunities with our enterprise mobile application development services. We develop profit-driven and internal enterprise mobile solutions to ensure a seamless user experience on all modern portable devices. Check out the following available options of IntexSoft’s enterprise mobile development firm.

  • Android mobile app development

    Make your app reach the greatest number of users all over the world with IntexSoft’s enterprise mobile development agency. We develop native Android enterprise apps for smartphones and tablets to help your business capture larger audiences.

  • iOS mobile app development services

    Our iOS mobile app development services empower our clients with new technical capabilities and great UX, which improves their relationships with customers and helps them smoothly enter new markets. We develop iOS enterprise apps for all Apple devices, so your customers will enjoy your product anywhere. And it’s also one of the most popular enterprise mobile application development platforms.

  • Cross-platform mobile app development

    If you are undecided or unsure about choosing which enterprise mobile app dev platform will best serve your needs, there is another option available: cross-platform mobile app development. Cut time-to-market with our cross-platform mobile application development services. Such apps reduce development and maintenance costs while looking as good as native ones.

  • UI/UX Design

    Enterprise application design deals with deliberate logic and accentuates high convenience for the end-users. Our designers develop simple interfaces for complex goals, so it’s easy for you to integrate the application into your company’s processes.

  • Application Modernization

    Upgrade your software! Clear the way toward advanced tech and level up the efficiency of your app to ensure the stable growth and agility of your business. Advance the performance and security of your system, migrate to cutting-edge technologies, and get rid of hidden maintenance costs — all courtesy of application modernization.

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Featured projects of our enterprise mobile team

While considering enterprise mobile dev companies, take note of whether they have completed projects in the sector you are interested in. Our clients have already amplified their potential with our enterprise mobile app dev services. But don’t take our word on it — see it for yourself!

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Benefits of enterprise mobile application development

  • Modified data management

    Data processing and management require considerable effort, including information analysis, verification, and making corrections. Enterprise mobile apps can help you improve data-related operations and increase the overall efficiency of the business.

  • Monitor business goals

    Enterprise applications can help your company focus on primary goals and tasks. By automating marketing campaigns, data processing, and transaction control, these apps reduce the amount of paperwork and eliminate human mistakes.

  • Employee onboarding

    Another way to enhance overall efficiency is to leverage an enterprise application to simplify the onboarding process. Mobile apps can manage all the information concerning staff certification, thus saving time and effort for HR specialists.

  • Improved Marketing

    Enterprises can make the most out of mobile apps by formulating productive marketing strategies. You can promote your products and services. Companies that develop mobile applications to achieve organizational goals have a competitive advantage.

What kind of specialists will you need to create a project from scratch?


The development process always implies a team of specialists will be required, each of whom has their own unique role in the project. From our 20+ years of experience, we’ve learned that it’s natural for these requirements to change during the course of development. This is why we generally employ Agile methodology to stay flexible and cover all demands appearing at any project stage while developing custom mobile app solutions.


Idea discovery Business Analyst
Requirements & Analysis Business Analyst and Project Manager
Design UX/UI Designer
Development iOS/Android Developer
Testing QA Specialist
Deployment DevOps engineer
Maintenance iOS/Android Developer and Project Manager



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Additional services to promote project success and prevent extra investment

If your enterprise is running legacy software systems, or you face disruption and costly downtime on a regular basis, we will review, analyze, check code quality, and uncover the reasons & vulnerabilities — and provide you with a concise checklist of improvements needed.

What you’ll receive:

  • A better understanding of what your software system can and can’t do currently — and what it could do
  • Report with the system redundancies, code efficiency, and discrepancies
  • An action plan that will guide you to optimal system efficiency

Whether you are looking to enhance existing software products or launch a new product, we can conduct comprehensive research and development to help increase the profitability of your software.

What we offer:

  • A team of specialists to study the idea and conduct a thorough investigation
  • Analysis that helps to identify innovative tech solutions for the tasks at hand
  • A resulting plan of opportunities and requirements, mitigating the risk that the product will be non-working, and ROI boost

Proof of concept (PoC) is a feasibility study to validate the app idea. It demonstrates the practical viability of a method, idea, and technologies backing a future product. If you have an idea in need of validation, we offer our years of expertise to provide such an analysis before actually prototyping and launching your product.

Advantages of PoC:

  • Demonstrates feasibility and confirms potential
  • Identifies potential pitfalls, weaknesses, and risks
  • Exposes a realistic implementation of a part of the whole system

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Enterprise web development: core questions answered

What is enterprise mobile app development?

What is enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise mobile apps are a key piece of the organizational jigsaw puzzle, and have become popular as a way to improve internal processes, boost productivity, and reduce costs, as well as enhance external customer experience and increase revenue. You can allow customers and employees to access data and processes through digital tools, driving the company forward and protecting your competitive position.
What is cross-platform mobile development?

What is cross-platform mobile development?

Cross-platform mobile applications are mobile apps developed to function for multiple mobile platforms. These apps are compatible with more than one operating system, such as iOS and Android, so there is no need to choose one enterprise app dev platform. As a leading enterprise mobile development company, IntexSoft makes mobile applications for any platform.
How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

The price of building a mobile app depends on many factors and differs for all enterprise mobile application development companies. If you are using conventional development, the time to market and cost will depend on the complexity of the app. Contact us, let’s discuss your project and we'll present you with an approximate price!
How do you keep my app and company data secure?

How do you keep my app and company data secure?

As an enterprise mobile application development company, we understand security is crucial for you. We sign an NDA before the starting of a project and will remain committed to keeping your app idea safe. We aim to be the best enterprise mobile app dev company, for you and all our clients. The whole enterprise mobile software development team also signs NDA.
Do you have all the necessary specialists?

Do you have all the necessary specialists?

Unlike other enterprise app development companies, we have gathered all the personnel of an enterprise mobile development team that your project may demand “under one roof”: Project Managers and Business Analysts, Developers and QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers and DevOps engineers. We now have 350+ skilled specialists in our tech company tracking the latest trends and digital solutions.