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Application Modernization Services

Advance performance and security of your system, migrate to cutting-edge technologies and get rid of hidden maintenance costs with application modernization

Upscale your solution


Any software sooner or later becomes outdated due to evolving demand for new technologies and dynamic nature of business. Within application modernization services we develop individual modernization strategies reckoning business demands.


Upgrade your software: clear the way to the advanced technologies and level up the efficiency of your app to ensure the stable growth and agility of your business.

Preplanning and milestones

  • Project discovery

  • Evaluating current state

  • Modernization vision

  • Roadmapping

  • Implementation

  • Project discovery

    • analyzing business specifics and processes

    • diving deep into the modernization needs and challenges

  • Evaluating current state

    • conducting thorough UX/UI audit to find areas for improvement (upon the request)

    • looking into the system’s architecture to know how it works under the hood

    • code review to find vulnerabilities and obstacles for further development

  • Modernization vision

    • discussing the results of audits

    • recommendations on improvements

    • syncing the new vision with the client

  • Roadmapping

    • building a roadmap that suits modernization needs

    • tasks prioritizing driven by business requirements

    • scope and effort estimating

  • Implementation

    • modernizing the system leveraging the Agile software development approach

Modernize and grow

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    Gain with our app modernization services

    • Hands-on experience

      make the most of our background in application migration from Flash/Flex to HTML5/JS, from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and other technologies

    • Risk mitigation

      we take a close look at your processes, goals, and hurdles at once with our BA specialists to find a suitable tech solution

    • Saving your time & effort

      improve your system by leveraging the skills of our in-house cross-functional team

    • Filling the gaps

      we recover your products and do not let ‘half-baked’ solutions hinder your business growth providing code review and tech audits

    Take your software to the next level

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    Get the full picture of software gaps or inefficiencies with one of our free audit offers:

    Audit options

    • Library safety and relevance audit
    • Database normalization audit
    • Database audit for data integrity
    • Software functionality analysis
    • Express UI testing for major blunders
    • Express Usability testing
    • Exploratory testing
    • Analysis of a mobile app for following the UI/UX guidelines
    • Analysis of a web app for following the UI/UX guidelines