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App for Data and Multimedia Management

Full-fledged system for media production automation. Users can create content, campaigns, edit assets and publish it within the system.


The client turned to IntexSoft with the request to restore the operation of some application modules, create new ones and support of the system. 


Team Composition

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

  • Software architects

  • Frontend developers

  • Backend developers

  • QA engineers




years project duration


developers on active development stage


The program consisted of patches, many of which were missing in the repository. Our team decompiled, re-created version control systems in Git, and introduced git-flow extensions to support the branching model.


IntexSoft developers created new modules based on existing ones, having no description of then-existing modules. In such cases, our specialists carried out reverse engineering in order to understand the principle of the system operation.



The developed modules included:


  • Project Information Management (PIM) – manages a huge amount of products in one place and imports the updates from the external system (SAP) once a day. 
  • Workflow management module – organizes the working process by creating special projects for products editing (translation, approval to the print or online catalog). 
  • Media asset management module – works with all media and digital files of the products, stores them in their own file system, and maintains previews for the files.
  • Bridge module – the module that connects all the modules within the system.



Our team offered to develop plugins for integration of the application with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and QuarkXPress. This turned out to be an excellent solution to the customer’s problem: the information and images processing was accelerated.


The program was written in Flex/Flash, but due to the fact that this technology is no longer supported by browsers, the client decided to migrate the application. After considering several different technologies and frameworks, we chose Angular 6.


For authorization, the application integrates with Microsoft Active Directory. HTTPS protocols and encryption are also used at all stages of the interaction with the program.


At the moment, we continue to support new application modules.

Methodology & Transparency

During the development process, the IntexSoft team used an iterative approach. Our specialists carried out tasks along with continuous analysis of the results obtained and the corrections for the previous stages of work.


Our team provided the client with a complete description of the tasks performed and their evaluation. IntexSoft managers also visited the customer’s office on a regular basis, where they discussed new ideas and business goals.


  • Data management

    Neutral media data storage supporting any formats, clear data management with drag-and-drop technology, storage of user media products variety, simple labeling of metadata

  • Work with multimedia

    Settings of search parameters, integrated story of use, editing of images

  • Technical features

    Ability to connect additional modules and support for versions in any language

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