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Custom eCommerce Development Services

Elevate your eCommerce business with custom solutions drived by Magento, Shopify, Drupal and other proved platforms. We help brands, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers grow their revenue streams delivering stable and scalable turnkey eCommerce software.

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Custom eCommerce Development Services We Offer

Open up new horizons for your business with our custom eCommerce development services. We help clients to boost sales through innovation enriching their web & mobile stores or marketplaces with clear interfaces and outstanding features developed under one roof.

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Full-featured eCommerce Solutions for Flawless Business Operation

We build end-to-end software solutions and additional modules that empower your daily operations and allow tune your eCommerce business from A to Z.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Manage your marketing and sales effectively with custom eCommerce CRM solution: track customer touchpoints, nurture leads, boost sales and ROI.

Logistics Management

  • Automate core logistics and transportation processes, reduce expenses and human errors with custom order and supply chain management solutions.

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Make it easier and faster to deliver relevant customer experience: store and manage loads of products, create product catalogs and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels from one place.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Manage your eCommerce business within one system: handle sales, supply chain, HR, and other complex workflows.

eCommerce Development Process

Providing custom eCommerce development services we follow Agile development methodology striving for flexibility, constant improvements, quality, and transparency within a team and a client.
  • Discovery Stage

  • Requirements Systematization

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Maintenance

  • Discovery Stage

    • you share your business needs

    • our analysts consult you on possible technical solutions and offer rough project estimates

  • Requirements Systematization

    • our analysts analyze and systemize all collected requirements

    • perform prioritization and more accurate budgeting

    • detail the development plan

  • Design

    • within custom eCommerce development services our designers analyze your target audience and their behavioral model

    • then, accumulating their value-driven approach they make your online store customer-friendly and visually appealing

  • Development

    • the development team comes into the game.

    • the project manager provides you with weekly reports and performs demos at the end of each sprint

    • you can suggest improvements and discuss all issues

  • Testing

    • we test new functionality over and over again until your future eStore is polished

  • Maintenance

    • at the client’s request, we offer several support and maintenance packages

    • this usually includes functionality improvements and fixes of bugs occurring during the exploitation

Why Choose our Custom eCommerce Software Development Services?

  • Proven technologies

    As a software development company with a 20+ years of background, we’ve gaines an extensive experience in custom eCommerce software development. Our tech stack for eCommerce projects includes Magento, Shopify, and Drupal content management systems, which won a reputation for being the most stable and reliable solutions in the industry.

  • All specialists for a successful release

    We have all specialists your project may demand “under one roof”: Project Managers and Business Analysts, Developers and QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers and DevOps engineers. Get access to 300+ skilled specialists and for bespoke eCommerce software development without any hassle.

  • On-demand cooperation models

    Focusing on end-to-end product software development, we offer staff augmentation services as well. Whenever you need, we can extend your team with tech specialists needed or provide you with a dedicated team to scale your development capacities.

  • Aimed at win-win closure

    We often help our clients to release products faster by extending their internal team, making additional quality assurance efforts, and providing free audit options to make the eCommerce software well-tuned and spotless.

  • Flexibility

    While developing software products we adhere to flexibility for both technical solution and processes & communication. The client can change the requirements at any stage of the development process for a reasonable additional price and rely on our dedicated Project Managers who will support the whole development process of your custom eCommerce solution and address any issues promptly.

  • Long-lasting partnership

    In our cooperation with clients we aim at total transparency, clear communication and top-quality of software solutions. That’s why about 25% of our clients stay with us with no need to toggle between IT service providers saving their time and money. Benefit from effortless communication, free tech consultations, result-oriented approach and end-to-end software product development with IntexSoft.

Free bonus within eCommerce software development services

We offer free audit options for both launched eCommerce applications and new eCommerce businesses requiring software from scratch. Leverage one of the offers below as a part of our custom eCommerce development services:

Audit options

  • Tech consultations with Lead Experts
  • Analysis and consultations on a technology stack
  • Mobile app testing for compliance with Google/Apple interface organization guidelines
  • Express UI testing for major blunders
  • Express usability testing
  • Free UX audit of 1-3 pages of a basic scenario

Frequently asked questions

What are custom eCommerce development services?

What are custom eCommerce development services?

Custom eCommerce development services are a complex of actions focused on the creation or upgrade of websites and mobile applications for online shopping.
What are the benefits of e-commerce development?

What are the benefits of e-commerce development?

eCommerce development is a key to international markets. Owning your own online shop you also can learn a lot about your customers and their preferences, easily manage orders, and become independent seller.
What are the stages of e-commerce development?

What are the stages of e-commerce development?

The main stages of eCommerce development are requirements collection and analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment.
Which technology is best for ecommerce website development?

Which technology is best for ecommerce website development?

For eCommerce website development, our team usually uses proven content management systems like Magento, Shopify or Drupal. They are the most popular among eCommerce businesses, and not in vain. They have large support communities, extensions stores, and take all possible security measures.