Web app for Koawach

A large-scale web application for selling hot drinks made of cacao and guarana.


Initially, Koawach co-founders hired our team to create an adaptive e-commerce website. A month before the release, the clients were invited to the famous German TV-show Die Höhle Der Löwen. They expected an enormous increase in visitors and orders. So the first challenge was to develop a web application, which could keep up with a sharp traffic boost.



After the ordering process was finished, each buyer had to get a confirmation letter. With so many orders in a very short period of time, there was a threat of email spam blocking and the customer’s system could get blacklisted. We had to consider this as well during the development process.


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • Frontend developer

  • 4 Full stack developers

  • 2 QA engineers


IT Experts


months project duration


transactions per second


IntexSoft specialists worked on payment systems integration, logistical support, and also created a unique custom backend part for the platform. The innovative system architecture of the website was specially developed and integrated into this project. 



For the end-users convenience, an adaptive version of the platform was developed as well, this allowed easy access to the website via mobile devices.



In order to avoid blocking and blacklisting, in case of mass email distribution, our team tested various public servers and chose Gmail SMTP Server, where it was possible to set daily limits for letters auto sending. Control over the number and frequency of sending was carried out by the lining management system.



The project involved third-party payment systems, protected by standard security protocols. Two-level security provided a secure protocol (HTTPS) between the browser and the server, and a secure protocol between the server and payment systems. At the data center, all servers are closed in the internal network, which is not accessible from the outside through the firewall (DMZ).



Only the end user’s requests pass through the first firewall. Access to the database, thanks to the second protection level, can only be done via one particular device by the certain protocol.


Since the customer allocated a certain budget and set strict deadlines, work on the project was carried out according to the classical model of the Waterfall methodology. Although when delivering the intermediate results to the customer, the team followed the iterative approach.


  • Customer account

    Sign in/sign up, user’s order information, user product reviews

  • Info

    Detailed product catalogs and customer journey through the additional informative content about products and recipes, search for offline retail shops.

  • Order & payment

    Users can add products to cart and pay via 4 types of payment: Vorkasse, Bankverbindung, PayPal, Sofort