Building software since 2001

IntexSoft is a Belarus-based software development company. We develop end-to-end software solutions for midsize companies and enterprises, mainly from the EU and the US. With 20 years of experience, we found a way of covering all your software needs as smoothly as possible.

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Our values

Our approach to cooperation with clients is based on the concept of painless software development. We focus on the high quality of the product while making the process of development advantageous and agreeable for all parties involved.

Why clients choose us:

    Proven expertise

    “Thanks to their deep knowledge base and thorough, technical, responsive project management, IntexSoft has become a go-to development partner.”


    Procurement Manager,  IT company

    Synergy with the client

    “I really like the attitude of the company’s employees to the business and the client – very careful, with intention to help, with concern for possible mistakes. Such psychological harmony in the team is so rare.”


    CEO, Real Estate Company

    Transparency & Trust

    “Their project managers have always thoroughly described the tasks performed and how they are evaluated. Also, they visit our office frequently to discuss new ideas and goals.”


    Thomas Kockler, PM at w&co

    Lasting partnership

    “The main result is that we’ve got a reliable long-term software development partner. The teams contribute many efforts to our projects.”


    Olga Matolygina, Network Manager at SSP-Software


      photo Oleg-CEO
      Oleg Myaskovsky
      photo Pavel-CTO
      Pavel Borel

      Cooperation models

      This model is suitable for companies searching for a tech partner to transform their idea into software. With this model, you get a dedicated team of professionals from our side who will build a software product according to your business vision and needs.

      Extra features

      • Free tech consultation: advice on the right tech stack or solution
      • Strict NDA from our side: safety of your idea and the code
      • Preparation of requirements documents and specifications
      • Total focus on your project from A to Z
      • Clear communication without going “too techy”
      • No third parties involved
      • On-time delivery

      Get access to 250+ tech professionals to scale the team and stay on the schedule with your project.

      We provide:

      • CVs within 24 hours
      • Interviews with each potential team member to make the best fit
      • Team stability
      • Strict NDA with each team member
      • Timely feedback
      • All specialists available under one roof

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      Some description

      Interested in our tech expertise?




      Fixed Price

      Ideally placed for a turnkey product development when you have well-defined project scope and requirements.


      • Fixed budget
      • Fixed delivery terms
      • Predictable results
      • Any additional functionality comes with an additional fee

      Time & Material

      Perfect for projects with high-level requirements. You pay only for time and resources spent.


      • High flexibility of the scope and budget
      • Pay only for the resources used
      • 100% transparency of the performance
      • Additional functionality added at any stage of the project

      From our 20+ years of experience, we’ve learned that it’s natural when the requirements change during the course of development. This is why we mostly employ Agile methodology to stay flexible and cover all demands appearing at any project stage. A lot of our clients have already switched to the T&M model and benefited from it.


      Learn more about the types of contracts in this article, or contact us directly.


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