Catalog creation app

A product information management system with workflow and media modules to optimize and automate the process of creating a company’s product catalogs.


The client’s stock includes a huge range of products, which is why the company’s employees have to create catalogs with thousands of pages. Previously, the preparation of such a catalog took around 2 years, cost a lot of money and labor, and moreover, during this time some information could become irrelevant. Also, with a manual layout, the level of inaccuracies was increasing, which could cause unpredictable consequences. So, the client decided to automate this process to reduce production time and errors


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • 8 full-stack developers

  • 2 QA specialists


decrease in human errors


decrease in catalog production duration


IT experts


Our pre-sales consultants together with a business analyst organized workshops for the client to collect the requirements, based on which, we prepared a software development concept and defined a technological stack.


One of the most crucial tasks was to develop a data quality control system for automatic verification of product information. Our experts designed a module that revealed any inaccuracies made by the operator.


We also developed a program with Excel spreadsheet features within the browser. We implemented the feature that allowed for data to be extracted, copied and replaced in one click, due to this, we significantly speeded up the workflow.


Our developers configured a treelike structure of products in the system, which significantly optimized the search process. We synchronized this application with a client’s online store and with the system for creating and printing catalogs.


To ensure security, our team took the following measures:


  1. built a channel for secure data transfer;
  2. implemented a system of access rights separation;
  3. used HTTPS protocols and encryption at all stages of interaction with the program.
Methodology & transparency

Our team followed the Waterfall development model, which was the most suitable for the project in terms of well-defined budget and strict requirements.


IntexSoft’s team provided the client with access to the corporate project management
system. IntexSoft’s project managers and the client organized meetings, during which
they discussed all current issues on the development of the service.


  • Product information management

    The web application that manages a huge amount of products in one place and imports updates from the external system (SAP) once a day.

  • Workflow management

    The module that organizes the working process by creating special projects for editing product info (translation, approval for printing or online catalog, etc).

  • Media management

    The module operating with all product media and digital files, storing them in their own file system and maintaining previews for the files.