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Enterprise Solutions from IntexSoft

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IntexSoft is an international software development company. Our goal is to help businesses achieve excellence by creating individual solutions, focusing on the business strategy of the client and paying attention to the details and quality of the future project. To optimize outcomes, our team works closely with our clients to ensure that the end result is precisely tailored to the business needs.


But it is important to understand that a high-quality and flexible development methodology begins first with business processes and the internal kitchen of the company itself. In addition to working with external projects, IntexSoft puts significant effort into creating enterprise software designed to maximize the efficiency of our own internal workflow. 



What is the enterprise software development process?


An enterprise solution is a software application designed to meet the multifaceted needs of an organization — not an individual end user or small business. As large organizations with a wide range of operations, businesses often face unique challenges. Business software typically integrates multiple systems within an organization, allowing information to be collated or distributed across different databases. The use of enterprise solutions can help the organization overcome these challenges, thereby increasing its productivity. 


Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple aspects of a business through the exchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable the retrieval and dissemination of mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.



IntexSoft Digital Enterprise Solutions


Our custom enterprise software solutions are large and multifaceted projects that work on several levels to optimize the workflow process within the organization.


Enterprise Software What is it?
Expertise Keeper An automated system that allows you to accumulate the competencies and skills of staff, create and store their resumes, as well as store the company’s project experience.
Workspace A solution for booking workplaces, meeting, and conference rooms.
IntexSoft Food A web application that automates and simplifies the process of ordering and delivering food from different restaurants to company offices.


In this article, we will discuss in detail these IntexSoft enterprise solutions, created by our developers to improve and optimize our company’s business processes.


Enterprise Staffing Solution: Expertise Keeper


The idea of ​​the Expertise Keeper project appeared when it became clear that the number of new projects kept growing rapidly along with the number of employees in the company. It became obvious that the company needed an internal information system for optimization in sales, marketing, and project management processes.


The purpose of this enterprise software was the creation of a unified repository of technological expertise of the company, implemented to reduce labor costs for routine operations.


The project was developed using Angular, JavaScript, Java, Spring, Python, and MySQL technologies.




  • UI/UX designer
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • 2 Frontend developers
  • 2 Backend developers
  • Full-stack developer 


The final product includes two key modules: an employee database and a project database.


The employee database module contains all information about the company’s employees involved in client projects: project managers, business analysts, developers, testers, and DevOps engineers.


After filling out the employee card, it is possible to generate a resume according to the available templates. The final document is used to demonstrate the competencies and skills of an employee to a potential client. The employee card contains information about age, career, courses and certificates, technologies and proficiency level, knowledge of foreign languages, projects, etc. In the card, the user can also see analytics on the skills of specialists, what new technologies they have mastered and how far they have advanced in previously studied ones.


In the block, you can search for employees by the following filters: full name, position, department, and current and previous works by project or technology.


The project database module contains information about all projects. As in the employee section, each project is assigned a card that includes the following information: project name, client name, industry, project type (web/mobile), technologies, and a list of company specialists working on the project. It is also possible to add links to third-party resources and attach files to the card; for example screenshots or project documentation.


In the block, you can search for projects by the following filters: name, industry, department, customer, project type, internal/external project, project status, and technology.



To ensure data security at all stages of interaction with the program, HTTPS protocols and encryption are used. Authorization is done via local LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).


During developing a project, the IntexSoft team follows an iterative approach. Our specialists perform tasks by constantly analyzing the results obtained and improving previous versions.


The finished solution contains:


  • A database of company employees with the following functionality: viewing analytics on the skills of specialists, exporting resumes to Microsoft Docs and Google Docs, and searching for employees by filters.
  • Database of current and completed projects with the functions of attaching files and external links and searching for projects by filters.


The project made it possible to optimize the processes of searching, collecting, storing, processing and transmitting information, which greatly facilitates the work of sales, marketing, and project management departments.


Enterprise Productivity Solutions: Workspace


Along with the growth in the number of projects and employees, there was a need to optimize the process of booking workplaces and conference rooms.


The company had a need for a system that allows you to book conference rooms, meeting rooms and workplaces. This is how the idea of Workspace appeared. It’s a custom enterprise software solution that saves time and helps to schedule negotiations and meetings by factoring in free time slots.


The project was developed using JavaScript, React, PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL, and Docker technologies.




  • UI/UX designer
  • PM
  • Business analyst
  • 3 Frontend developers
  • Backend developer
  • QA Engineer  


For the convenience and accessibility of users, we decided to develop a PWA (Progressive Web App). The web app can be downloaded on any computer or smartphone, regardless of operating system, because the app runs through a web browser.


The first task was to map all offices, considering all workplaces and other premises, including conference rooms and meeting rooms. To achieve this, our designer visited all the offices and studied drawings of the building.


We implemented the ability to select the date and time desired for booking a workplace/conference room/meeting room. For meeting and conference rooms, the developers have added comments for those cases when there is a need to install additional equipment or order food and drinks for a specific event. When a user leaves a comment, that comment gets to the backend, where a request is formed and sent to the Jira Service Desk with all the necessary information.


On the map, users can see the location of air conditioners and book a seat near the air conditioner or further away from it, in accordance with personal preferences.


We’ve also added a tab to view your booking history in the sidebar. There, users can see who booked a particular room, and for what date and time.


On the top panel, the user can switch between floors within a specific office or switch between offices.


In addition to staff seating, the application allows you to reserve tables for test equipment. A team leader might mark a specific seat as reserved for a test laptop, for example. In addition, team leads can block out a section for trainees who are not yet in the system but already need a workplace.


The system has three levels of access:


  • Superadmin (for developers, system administrators and DevOps engineers) allows adding, removing and editing reserved/empty seats.
  • Admin (for team leads) allows placing and removing employees from workplaces, requesting equipment and booking workplaces.
  • Employee allows for viewing maps, searching for jobs of other employees, booking meeting rooms, and filling out applications for a job. An employee makes a request to book a specific seat, and the team leader must approve or reject it.


The office map has an avatar mode that displays photos of employees at their workplaces. Often this helps to find an employee faster.



There are 5 types of places in total, and each has its own designation:


  • green square –  the workplace is not occupied
  • blue square –  the workplace is temporarily occupied
  • gray square –  the workplace is constantly busy
  • gray with laptop icon –  workplace reserved for hardware
  • gray with diagonal stripes –  workplace is locked


There is a Summary block on the map of each office. It shows the total number of workplaces, the number of occupied/vacant seats, the number of vacant and occupied meeting and conference rooms, the contact info for the office manager, as well as the departments that are in the office. When a user selects a department in the Summary block, it is also highlighted on the map.


There is also a Support button on the top bar, which allows you to report bugs, leave comments, and suggest ideas for new features. All comments are redirected to a separate email address.


During the development process, the team followed the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. Every day, the project manager organized video calls with the team to discuss the progress of work, current issues and the implementation plan for the near future.


The finished solution contains the following essential features:


  • Mapping

The system includes maps of five offices (with search filters), allows you to view occupied/vacant jobs and search by employees/departments.


  • Space Management

Editing occupied places, adding employees to a new workplace, booking a free workplace / meeting room / conference room.


  • Other

Detailed information about the conference rooms, including air conditioning and equipment, and the three levels of access.


Enterprise Order Solutions: IntexSoft Food 


When talking about improving the workflow, we understand that we cannot just discuss increasing the productivity of our employees. Indeed, for truly high-quality results, it is necessary to do more than ensure our employees have decent working conditions. In fact, it’s essential that they feel relaxed as well, especially when it comes to easy access to a nourishing lunch.


Based on this philosophy, the idea of enterprise app development came up. IntexSoft Food is a web application that automates and simplifies the process of ordering and delivering food to the company’s offices.


The project was developed using JavaScript, Node.js, React, Nest.js, Docker and PostgreSQL technologies.




  • UI/UX designer
  • BA
  • Frontend developer
  • Full-stack developer 
  • QA Engineer 


The application communicates with catering establishments using Google Sheets. A representative from the food service fills in a table on the spreadsheet with a menu, which is then displayed in the application.


The food delivery establishment sets a daily deadline, after which orders are not accepted. Every day, all employees of the company can place an order using the application. After the deadline, a table with orders is formed.


In addition, the application has functionality aimed at user convenience:


  • food arrival alert system;
  • reminders for the user about the daily deadline so that they do not forget to place an order;
  • the ability to add a comment for your order, which will be transferred to the food delivery service;
  • the ability to leave a rating for the dish and the delivery service;
  • the app supports both dark and light themes.


During the development process, the team followed the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. The sprint starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.


The finished solution contains the following features:


  • The ability to place an order with establishments supported by the application.
  • Functionality is aimed at ensuring the convenience of the ordering process: a food arrival alert system, daily deadline reminders, the ability to add a comment for your order or leave a rating for both the dish and the establishment.






IntexSoft has accumulated years of experience in the development of multi-stage, complex projects for various industries. Over the years, we have come to understand the importance of maintaining a clear internal working structure. Simply put, in order for IntexSoft employees to deliver a quality result to our external clients, it is important to establish business processes within the company.


Thus, we use our unique experience not only to directly meet the needs of our customers, but also to optimize our internal workflow and increase enterprise software development leverage. In our enterprise solutions, we focus on solving significant and relevant problems and use modern enterprise software development tools.


If you’re looking to create your own project or purchase one of the custom enterprise software solutions developed by us and adapt it to your company, IntexSoft specialists are always ready to help you with this. Contact us for a free consultation.

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