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HR System

Web and mobile applications for automating working processes with employees, their working hours, vacations, etc.


Initially, the company came for an app development evaluation. The client wanted a ready-made solution with adding specific functions. After several workshops with the client and detailed requirements study, both the client and IntexSoft specialists agreed on system development from scratch would be the best business option.


During the project discussion, we found out it was necessary to develop a single HR system. IntexSoft specialists faced with the task of automating the processes of working with personal and professional information of employees, work schedules, vacations, wages, etc.


Team Composition

  • Web Dev Team Leader

  • Mobile Dev Team Leader

  • 2 Business analysts

  • 2 UI/UX designers

  • 3 Project managers

  • 5 QA engineers

  • 2 iOS developers

  • 2 Android developers

  • 8 Frontend developers

  • 7 Backend developers

  • 3 Fullstack developers


IT experts


months project duration




Our team is working on three applications – a web application and native applications for iOS and Android.


For this project, our team chose the PHP programming language and the Symfony framework for the web version of the app, Kotlin for the Android, and Swift for the iOS application, since these technologies perfectly suite the client’s technical requirements.


An important task was to configure the update of messages in real-time for prompt notification on new and unread messages. To implement this functionality, the developers used the scalable Centrifugo messaging server.


IntexSoft team added a news blog to the app. Blog made it possible to notify employees about company news, write about new processes in the company.


The HR managers now have the opportunity to send documents to employees  within the application. The document can be sent to one employee or to an entire department. The employees can  look through all the documents in their profiles and download them.


The team used Docker for more efficient use of the system and resources, rapid deployment of ready-made software products, as well as for scaling and transferring them to other environments with guaranteed stability of operation.


To automate the processes associated with the deployment and scaling of containerized applications, we used Kubernetes.


On the project, we pay special attention to information security. At all stages of interaction with the system, the HTTPS security protocol is used. All passwords are encrypted and stored on the customer’s server.


Basically, all operations related to information security are performed on the customer’s side. Our specialists worked on re-authentication, which is carried out at regular time intervals. All successful and unsuccessful authentication attempts are recorded in the authentication journal.


Authorization is possible only via an employee’s personal account, and all data and functionality of the application are available only to authorized users.


Applications are configured in such a way that passwords cannot be saved in a browser or mobile application, and corporate devices are blocked with a PIN code if the user is inactive for more than 10 minutes.


The administration interface is available only to users with a specific IP address.

Methodology & Transparency

The development of the project is carried out according to the Agile methodology with two-week sprints. The team plans sprints and coordinates them with the customer. Communication with the customer is carried out via Skype. Experts are always in touch to resolve urgent issues.

Intermediate Result

The work on the project continues. The following modules are in progress:


Salary and bonus calculator, where employees will calculate their potential salary and annual bonuses.


The working time schedule is one of the key modules that will allow admins to manage the schedules of all employees in the company. Here users can make changes, plan vacations, mark the absence, etc. This module  is going to beintegrated with the access control and management system, which allows time tracking of the employee’s presence at the facility.


Achievements module – employees will be able to receive points for certain accomplishments and exchange them for corporate gifts, day-offs, and cash bonuses.

Idea module –  here employees will be able to  make suggestions for optimization and improvement of processes. The best offers will be rewarded with bonuses.


  • Info

    employee's personal profile, technical support, company news feed, push notifications

  • Hotline & messaging

    calling and messaging the hotline directly from the app, capability to send alarm signals and report a hazard or an accident in the mine; chatbot

  • Reports

    request for various types of certificates, payments overview by month, uplownloading of the payroll transcript

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