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Tender automation system

A system for automation of tasks related to the search, organization and holding of tenders.


The client needed to develop an automated system for holding tenders. We also had to configure the work in two modes: participant mode (search for tenders based on a set of parameters) and organizer mode (selection of participants, regulations control, bidding, winner determination, etc.).


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • 7 Full-stack developers

  • 2 QA automation engineers

  • Manual QA engineer


increase in search efficiency


IT experts


years project duration


IntexSoft developed the web application to meet all the client’s requirements.


Within the application, our specialists automated business processes related to the creation of tenders. First of all, we developed an automatic search for suitable tenders in accordance with set conditions.


IntexSoft developers also implemented a feature for analyzing tender terms for keywords that must be entered into the system in advance. Based on the search results and analysis of the received data, the system can issue reports on the managers’ working efficiency, work with tenders for a certain period of time, total amounts of won tenders, and other aggregated data.


To ensure data security HTTPS protocols and encryption are used at all stages of interaction with the program.

Methodology & Transparency

The IntexSoft team followed the Scrum methodology throughout the project. At the end of each sprint, our specialists organized a project review, where they collected feedback from the client and discussed how to improve the application.


  • Procurement

    Development and analysis of tender conditions based on the set parameters, publication of the tenders on external platforms

  • Reporting

    Automatic email alerts when a new tender is launched, users’ rating depending on the number of tenders they participated in and their winnings

  • Legal

    Development and control of tender regulations in accordance with current legislation and control of internal tender regulations

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