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With a full suite of custom enterprise web development services, IntexSoft is perfectly positioned to understand your organization’s ecosystem and build turnkey tools and apps designed to meet your specific business goals.

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IntexSoft empowers clients across many industries with our custom enterprise web development services. Whether you need to modernize your current solution or develop an entirely new corporate web software, we’ll make your business accessible anytime, anywhere.

  • Large-Scale Distributed Systems

    We develop rock-solid web solutions for automating enterprise-grade needs. Our experts design systems and apps for workflow organization and resource and data management. Based on our customers’ requirements, we build scalable and transparent solutions that expertly meet the demands of their business.

  • Digital Asset Management Systems

    IntexSoft develops a wide range of web applications to upload, store, organize, manage, and share customers’ digital assets.

  • Real-Time Big Data and Analytics Software

    Real-time analytics delivers a powerful competitive advantage that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. The team at IntexSoft helps our customers build secure big data and web analytics applications — these include optimizing sales dashboards, developing AI for personalized purchase recommendations, and utilizing machine learning models for complex prognosis and accurate predictions.

  • Progressive Web Apps

    Progressive web apps (PWA) provide excellent user experience and help improve customer satisfaction thanks to their smooth, fast data exchange and friendly UI. By employing a wide range of technologies, IntexSoft’s enterprise web developers build high-class PWAs tailored exactly to our customers’ needs.

  • Enterprise CMS Web Development Services

    Enterprise content management system (CMS) solutions give you complete control over managing your online identity. Our experts leverage the latest CMS frameworks to either build websites from the scratch or modify an existing website for enhanced digital content experience. A content management system application is a great way to begin your digital journey, but it may not be enough on its own.

A Web Development Framework


Popular Frontend Enterprise Frameworks Popular Backend Enterprise Frameworks Common Databases Used by Enterprises
Bootstrap 3 Spring MySQL
Angular Hibernate PostgreSQL
Vue.js Apache Sturts2 MSSQL
React Linux MongoDB
PHP Redis
AWS (for cloud-based applications)


Enterprise Web Development Process

We design cutting-edge, technologically-savvy software 100% tailored to your business needs by conducting ideation sessions, discovering core company demands and wrapping it up with our software development expertise. Here’s how:
  • Discovery

  • Requirements and Roadmapping

  • Design

  • Development

  • QA & Testing

  • Deployment & Maintenance

  • Discovery

    • Working with business analysts we define your needs and validate the idea

    • We discuss best-fit technical solutions

    • At this stage we provide you with approximate budget and effort estimates

  • Requirements and Roadmapping

    • Our analysts gather, validate, document and prioritize the requirements

    • We plan a step-by-step roadmap of the project

  • Design

    • UX/UI designers analyze your business needs, requirements and end-user behavior

    • We craft interfaces and software logic, leveraging both the business- and human-centric approach

  • Development

    • Our dev team comes into the game and builds your system brick by brick according to the requirements

    • The dev team, together with the PM, perform demos of the software and provide you with progress reporting as often as you need

    • During the development stage you can suggest improvements or changes

  • QA & Testing

    • We test your system functionality over and over again until it’s polished and bug-free

    • QA and testing specialists conduct manual & automated testing of your system to make sure it is flawless

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    • Before deployment of the system we conduct user acceptance testing, prepare manuals and tech documentation

    • DevOps engineers work with the dev team to transfer the system securely to your environment

    • At your request, we offer several support and maintenance packages

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Additional services to predict project success and prevent extra investment

If your enterprise is running legacy software systems, or you face disruption and costly downtime on a regular basis, we will review, analyze, and uncover the reasons & vulnerabilities and provide you with a checklist of improvements.

What you’ll receive:

  • A better understanding of what your software system can and can’t do currently — and what it could do
  • Report with the system redundancies, code efficiency and discrepancies
  • An action plan that will guide you to optimal system efficiency

Whether you are looking to enhance existing software products or launch a new product, we can conduct comprehensive research and development to make your software profitable.

What we offer:

  • A team of specialists to study the idea and conduct a thorough investigation
  • Analysis that helps to identify innovative tech solutions for the tasks at hand
  • A resulting plan of opportunities and requirements, mitigating the risk that the product will be non-working, and ROI boost

Proof of concept (PoC) is a feasibility study to validate the app idea. It demonstrates the practical viability of a method, idea, and technologies backing a future product. If you have an idea in need of validation, we offer our years of expertise to provide such an analysis before actually prototyping and launching your product.

Advantages of PoC:

  • Demonstrates feasibility and confirms potential
  • Identifies potential pitfalls, weaknesses, and risks
  • Exposes a realistic implementation of a part of the whole system

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Benefits of using our enterprise web development services

  • Higher Flexibility

    Employees can send and receive information no matter where they are. Many people now work from home, and web apps have largely eased that process. A web app acts as a common platform linking different people.

  • Improved Marketing

    Like websites, enterprises can make the most out of web apps by formulating productive marketing strategies. You can promote your products and services. Companies that develop web applications to achieve organizational goals have a competitive advantage.

  • Easy Interfacing and Integration

    A web app is developed to smoothly interface and integrate with an enterprise’s existing application or its technology framework. The app ensures high interoperability between different people, systems, and devices.

  • Cost-Efficient

    Out of all the advantages, cost efficiency stands atop. As web apps require a single operating system for development, they turn out to be highly cost-efficient. Also, they are hosted from one server, making them accessible to multiple users at the same time.

  • Secure Data

    Since web apps are run and hosted on secure servers, there are no cyber threats or chances of data leaks.

  • Custom Design

    One of the best things about web apps is that they can be custom designed, tailored specifically to the needs of your businesses. It can help fulfill unique processes to achieve your objectives.

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Free audit within enterprise web development services

Unlike other enterprise web development companies, we offer free auditing options for enterprise web software to reveal the business-critical bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Leverage one of the offers below and streamline your enterprise solutions with IntexSoft:

  • Recommendations for the architecture and auto testing tools
  • Database normalization audit
  • Database audit for data integrity
  • Library safety and relevance audit
  • Software functionality analysis
  • Analysis of the logging system for data redundancy

Enterprise web development: core questions answered

What is enterprise web development?

What is enterprise web development?

Enterprise web development is simply a process to develop a website or an application for enterprise-level business. It revolves around enterprise websites, enterprise web application development, and enterprise software development. In this fast-paced, technologically advanced era, an enterprise definitely needs at least one of these to cater to the growing demands of businesses.
What is an example of enterprise web software?

What is an example of enterprise web software?

Enterprise software is intended to support major areas of business. For example, software such as SAP incorporates ERP & finance, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management and other products to cover complex business needs.
What is the difference between an enterprise website, web app and software?

What is the difference between an enterprise website, web app and software?

An enterprise website consists of web pages that allow the enterprise to maintain online visibility and reachability. A web app is a full-fledged application that handles internal and external operations. A software, on the other hand, mainly looks into the internal processes of an organization. As web apps and software find similarities and have a similar development process, they might be considered as one, depending on the features they deliver. A website, however, is a different thing.