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Expertise Keeper

An automated system that allows to accumulate personnel’s competencies, skills, create and store their CVs, as well as store project experience of the company.

About the project

As the number of employees and new projects grew rapidly, the company needed an internal information system to optimize sales, marketing, and project management processes.


The project’s goal is to create a unified repository of the company’s technological expertise and reduce labor costs for performing routine operations.


Team Composition

  • UI / UX designer

  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • 2 Frontend developers

  • 2 Backend developers

  • Full-stack developer


main modules


people working on the app


data repository


The product includes two key modules: Employee database and Project database.


The Employee Database


Contains all information about the company’s employees involved in clients’ projects: project managers, business analysts, developers, testers, as well as DevOps engineers.


After filling in the employee’s card, it is possible to generate a CV according to the available templates. The end-document is used to demonstrate the competencies and skills of the employee to the potential client.


The employee’s card contains information about age, career, courses and certificates, technologies and level of proficiency, knowledge of foreign languages, projects, etc. In the card a user can also see the analytics on the skills of specialists – what new technologies they have mastered and how far they have advanced in those they studied earlier.


In the block, you can search for employees by the following filters: name, position, department, currently working/worked earlier, by project or technology.


The Project Database


Contains information about all projects. As in the employees section, a card is assigned to each project, including the following information: project name, client name, industry, type of project (web/mobile), technologies, and a list of company specialists working on the project.


You can also add links to third-party resources and attach files to the card – screenshots and project documentation.


In the block, you can search for projects by the following filters: name, industry, department, customer, project type, internal/external project, project status, technology.




To ensure data security HTTPS protocols and encryption are used at all stages of interaction with the program. Authorization is made via local LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol).


Work on the project continues. The HR module is to be developed soon.

Methodology & Result

During the project development, the IntexSoft team follows an Iterative approach. Our specialists carry out tasks, continuously analyzing the results obtained and improving previous versions.


The developed system made it possible to optimize the processes of searching, collecting,
storing, processing, and transmitting information, which greatly facilitates the work for the
sales, marketing, and project management departments.


  • Employee database

    Database of company employees, analytics on the skills of specialists, CVs export to Microsoft Docs and Google Docs, search for employees by filters

  • Project database

    Database of ongoing and released projects, attachment of files and external links, search for projects by filters

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