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Supply chain management system

An internal software for automated product supply chain monitoring. A system records the entire production pathway: from application to delivery to the end-customer.


The client required supply chain software development services to build a corporate application for full-cycle product supply chain monitoring.


Team Composition

  • Team Leader

  • Front-end Developer

  • Full-stack developer

  • 2 Back-end developers

  • 4 QA Engineers


IT Experts


months project duration


core features


We developed a user-friendly web application and synchronized it with the corporate tendering service also developed by our team. Thanks to this, the client can easily integrate projects with the tender system and automatically create and launch tenders.



In the course of this supply chain software development, one of the essential technical tasks was the synchronization of the service with the SAP system. We made it possible to process incoming invoices in SAP ERP automatically.



Initially, it was necessary to adjust the parameters that affected the total amount of value-added tax manually. We have created a feature for VAT calculation: a user imports the Excel file into the application – and the system automatically calculates the tax amount for each project.



Our experts have implemented a full-text search within the application, due to this, a user can search for a project not only by a name but also by its content.



Security was an extremely important issue in the project because our client stores confidential information within the application. We took the following measures to ensure the security of the project:


  • provided data transfer between the client and the service over an encrypted channel (SSL/TLS);
  • enabled authentication;
  • applied the distinction of access rights and visibility of data for employees;
  • developed data backup.
Methodology & Transparency

In this project, supply chain software development services were carried out following Scrum methodology.


The IntexSoft manager provided the client with a transparent assessment of the project
stages, as well as progress reports. At the end of each sprint, our specialists organized
a review of the project where they collected feedback from the client and discussed
how to improve the application.


  • Integrations

    Integration with the corporate tendering application and SAP ERP system

  • Automated reporting

    Automatic VAT calculation, invoicing, and reports creation

  • Campaign management

    Cloning projects within a campaign, creation of tenders and reports for several projects at once within a campaign

  • Information management

    Order information storage, updating of project status, multi-user access for employee data entry, full-text search

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