Platform for education services

The platform for the education sector that aids communication between teachers and students’ parents.


The customer had an idea to develop a platform for the education sector to help in communication between teachers and students’ parents. They set a strict deadline: the app had to be developed by the beginning of the academic year.


Team Composition

  • 2 iOS developers

  • 2 Android developers

  • 2 Fullstack web developers


active users




years project duration


Considering short deadlines, our specialists together with the customer first decided to develop an MVP (minimum viable product), research the demand among end-users and then rewrite it. But it turned out, there was no reason for that: the developed MVP was already a complete product, due to the fact that our developers initially implemented the right architectural solutions.


We developed templates for different types of messages within the app. Thanks to this, a user can create messages quickly and easily by filling in the template.


The important task was to configure the display, whether the teacher’s message was read by a parent. In addition, our team customized the functionality of messages so that the parent must confirm the agreement with the information received. We also provided the teacher with the opportunity to send repeated messages to those parents who did not put their signature.


We configured the editing capability depending on the user role. In addition, our team added message search, filters, and groups.


Our specialists provided full-fledged application operation in offline mode, because one of the requirements was to configure the teacher’s emergency communication with the parent. A user can edit contact information according to the access rights: parents can only change information about their children, the teacher only about the class that they manage.


We configured the app operation for the cases when twins study in the same class. Our team developed the functionality of the app so that the teacher could send messages regarding each of the children individually. In such cases, parents can give different answers to each message.


For the cases when several children from the same family study in different classes, parents have a separate profile for each child.


Our team added a message translation feature. For this task, specialists used the service by Microsoft.

IntexSoft specialists also developed a web version of the application.


During the project, the IntexSoft team followed Scrum methodology with two-week sprints.


  • Direct communication between teachers and parents

    Using text and image messages, a user can share important information and discuss school events within the app

  • Easy notifications control

    With one click parents can confirm their agreement with the information: all confirmed messages go to the "List of signatures" section

  • Removing language barriers

    Users can translate messages into 40 languages within the app

  • Protection of personal data

    Within the application, users can communicate without sharing personal contact information