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Custom eCommerce Web Design Services

Give your business a new look with our eCommerce web design services to attract users and increase engagement.

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We Offer Custom eCommerce Web Design Services

Our custom design team specializes in different sectors of eCommerce and retail, from consumer goods to logistics. We help businesses and startups design their products from scratch, as well as revamp existing designs to boost conversions and performance. And we’re here for every stage of development and deployment as well.

  • UX/UI Audit

    We will carry out a UX/UI audit to refine the business objective, define audience, review analytics, carry out heuristic evaluation, collect recommendations, and track usability metrics. You’ll get a detailed report highlighting how the product is being used and where users run into difficulties.

  • eCommerce User Experience

    Our UX researchers will use surveys and data-based methodologies to obtain insights into how users interact with your products. With the help of our eCommerce design experts, we can jazz up the customer experience for each and every visitor.

  • Interface Design

    We derive joy from creating beautiful, intuitive user interfaces containing easy-to-use navigation features. Regardless of the device or platform, we’ll help your business create consistent designs to deliver a uniform shopping experience.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Let’s create responsive designs for smartphones and tablets so you can best tap into the growing pool of mobile shoppers. We’ll also test custom eCommerce integrations on mobile and desktop to maintain a consistent user experience across all devices.

  • Website Redesign

    Bring your old site to us and we’ll help you modernize and refurbish it to create a remarkable visual identity. We can also build a different website design to include more robust and secure features, and our experienced designers have access to automation tools to craft and visualize new site designs for your brand.

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Our eCommerce Web Design Process

Providing custom eCommerce web design services we follow Agile development methodology striving for flexibility, constant improvements, quality, and transparency within a team and a client.
  • Discovery

  • Research and analysis

  • Prototyping

  • Concept validation

  • Visual design

  • Discovery

    • You bring your vision or idea to us in any form

    • Our experts help you iron out the details

    • You review and approve the idea

  • Research and analysis

    • Defining outstanding features of your brand and business

    • Testing the validity of your ideas against any competition

    • Handing over the project requirements to our UX researchers to get in-depth analytical reports

  • Prototyping

    • Our UX designers take over the design process, converting your ideas to a working prototype

    • You can check in to make changes to navigation options and color schemes if necessary

  • Concept validation

    • After the early iterations, you receive the prototype for the mobile and desktop versions for your approval

    • UX researchers conduct further usability tests to gather user feedback

  • Visual design

    • We make ensure that the design aligns with your brand image and is primed for optimal development

    • We cooperate with you to choose captivating color schemes, photos, and typography to make your brand stand out

Benefits of Our Custom eCommerce Web Design Services

  • Experienced UX/UI design specialists

    We’ve been providing software solutions for over two decades. Our UI designers have years of field experience and a diverse, ever-increasing portfolio of eCommerce projects under their belt. We also have UX researchers, as well as data and business analysts, who ensure the design addresses specific user problems.

  • Hands-on collaboration

    Our clients have enough wiggle room to participate in the design process as much or as little as they want. If you don’t have time to monitor every stage of the design, we’ll assign a manager to provide you with regular updates.

  • User-centered approach

    Our core philosophy focuses on the end-user and how they interact with the product. Advanced data analysis allows us to accentuate building every design with a user persona in mind, ensuring that the product expertly addresses your audience's needs.

  • Mid-project changes

    We use an Agile approach to work on designs and gather customer feedback, so you can reach out to us with any new and bright ideas for a feature or navigation menu at any time. Our analysts will tell you the cost of the adjustment before handing it over to the designers.


We offer free audit options for eCommerce web apps and webites to reveal the critical bottlenecks and eleminate them. Leverage one of the offers below as a part of our custom eCommerce development services:

Audit options

  • Express testing for usability
  • eCommerce web app analysis for compliance with the UI/UX guidelines
  • Web app analysis for accessibility
  • Express forms testing for SQL injection or XSS vulnerabilities