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Automotive mobile application

A mobile application for Auto Club, which ensures fast communication between a driver and the club support service.


The client decided to develop an official mobile app to raise the level of service and increase customer loyalty. The main goal of the app is to ensure fast and effective communication between a driver and the club’s support service.


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • 2 Android developers

  • 2 iOS developers

  • QA Engineer

240 %

Return On Investment


uploads on Google Play


growth in auto club’s membership


The IntexSoft team developed native applications for both iOS and Android platforms.


One of the main tasks was to set up a search for gas stations. It enables the user to see the details of the nearest gas stations: address, distance, fuel types, and working hours. In addition, these details are synchronized when the app is launched, so it’s possible to search for gas stations even in offline mode.


We customized a routing feature: a user can specify the starting and ending points of the trip, and the app will show the optimal route on the map. The app also allows voice navigation. To ensure correct map integration, we wrote separate modules for iOS and Android.


One more task was to set up an evacuator call within the app. A user only needs to press the button to make a call. We also set up another way of communication: via the mobile app, a user can send a request, and the evacuation service will receive it with information about the user’s geolocation and contact information.


The IntexSoft team developed the app for offline use. To update the information in the app, we used a third-party service through which information is stored in the database on the device.


To ensure high usability, we added a push notifications feature., we added a push notifications feature.

Methodology & Transparency

During the development process, the team followed an Iterative approach. At the end of each iteration, IntexSoft developers demonstrated the project to the client and discussed the necessary edits and innovations to implement.


  • Info section

    The application contains information on the gas stations, traffic jams and accidents, nearest parking lots, rules for the first aid in case of an accident, a list of auto club lawyers

  • Support request

    Two ways of calling the evacuator within the app: a phone call or a support request

  • Navigation

    The app can pick up the optimal route and allows voice navigation

  • Notifications

    Push notifications and sound notifications on the speed limits on certain road sections

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