Corporate platform for retailers

Web admin panel and a cross-platform mobile application to manage a large network of independent retailers.


The client wanted to develop an internal corporate service which includes a web admin panel and mobile application for retailers to expand the sales network and, as a result, increase sales. 


Team Composition

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Backend engineer

  • 2 Frontend engineers

  • 2 QA engineers




year project duration


IT experts


Our team developed a cross-platform mobile application using React Native and a web admin panel using Vue.js since these technologies’ capabilities met all the customer’s requirements.



To increase sales of a certain list of goods, the following functionality was implemented: the customer defines the promotion campaign conditions, which allows sellers to receive points for the sold products and to convert these points into cash.



The work is organized as follows: a new seller is added to the system by the administrator via the web panel and then authorizes in the developed mobile application. The seller registers product sales by scanning the QR code on the packaging via a mobile application. For each registered sale, a certain number of points is credited to the seller’s account, following the campaign rules. Then the seller can withdraw these points to a bank account as cash.



The admin panel is available as a web application. Company employees can register new members (sellers), manage promotions, QR codes, a list of goods, block users, etc.



The admin panel provides three user roles with different capabilities:



  • Super Administrator manages administrators, managers, and users;
  • The administrator can supervise managers and users;
  • The manager can control personal income tax questionnaires, promotions, product lists, QR codes, generate automatic reports, and export them.



To ensure the security of user data, the developers used the HTTPS protocol. The bcrypt adaptive cryptographic hash function provides the secure storage and encryption of passwords.


The IntexSoft team worked according to the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. At the end of each sprint, our specialists organized a demo of the project. They demonstrated the developed functionality, collected feedback from the customer, and discussed how the system could be improved. Communication was carried out continuously: the customer could always contact the team directly to resolve urgent issues.


  • Data management

    Payment data management, verification, and rejection as well as management of promo-campaign conditions and QR codes

  • User management

    Three user roles, user management, capability to edit user profiles

  • Reporting

    Generation of automatic reports on various parameters and import/export of data in excel format

  • Sales management

    Registration of the sale via QR code scanning and the attachment of product photos with payment information, overview of sales history

  • Points accounting

    Accrual of points for sales, conversion of points into cash to be credited to a bank account, overview of points withdrawal history