Aggregator of electronic components

A website-aggregator for gathering information about electronic components from different sources and storing it in one common database.


The client needed an aggregator to create a unified product system.They turned to IntexSoft to develop a web app for collecting information about electronic components from different sources and placing it in one common database.


Team Composition

  • Project Manager

  • Team Lead

  • Fullstack developer

  • 2 Frontend developers

  • 2 Backend developers

  • QA


months project duration


IT experts


dev stages


First of all, the IntexSoft team started developing a prototype that had to search for electronic components. Its primary function is to collect data and provide results quickly. Also, it was necessary to implement a supplier survey system. IntexSoft specialists created a file and an API (application programming interface) in the database. The system works as follows: a request is made for the client’s partners, and the received information is uploaded to the system.


The developers used the high-performance NestJS framework, PostgreSQL database, and Elastic Search for the back end.


This solution made it possible to search quickly. The user can enter the beginning of the product number in the line, and the service immediately gives them all the options suitable for the request in the shortest possible time.


Simultaneously, there was a regular survey of suppliers to get more results into the database. IntexSoft specialists selected unique keywords and filtered identical products. To avoid duplication of one product from different suppliers, our team took the addition of new products into a separate process, which allowed the system to survey suppliers.


Additionally, the team used an e-commerce framework Vendure where we also integrated the search. Some of the functionality from Vendure was disabled as unnecessary.

Methodology & Transparency

IntexSoft team carried out the work according to the Agile methodology. For each release, a team was assigned the tasks to work on. All the developed code was stored in the client’s GitHub.


To ensure the transparency of the project, our team demonstrated the interim results to the client. During the demonstrations, we discussed the work and further plans for the development of the system. We held the Skype calls every two weeks.


  • Information management

    collecting and storage of data from suppliers

  • Work with electronic components

    search for electronic components by serial number, adding products to the shopping cart, making an order

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