Before engaging IntexSoft, BFrow had already had a working web application. Taking into account the growing number of mobile users in the world and the sharp increase in mobile traffic, BFrow decided to develop a mobile app, for both iOS and Android platforms.


At the beginning of work, BFrow wanted to create a new app only for iOS. IntexSoft specialists conducted a research on the global fashion market and found out that the Android platform would also be in high demand among end-users. As a result we developed the app for both platforms.


Methodology & Transparency

To ensure maximum flexibility on the project, IntexSoft team decided to work according to the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. We regularly sent reports to the client demonstrating the work performed so far and applied all the necessary changes promptly. In addition, our developers provided quick feedback throughout all stages of the project.

Team Composition

A dedicated team of specialists was put together to work on the project. The team consisted of:

Project manager


2 iOS developers

2 Android developers

Notificatio iphone bag

Key features

  • Subscribe to famous fashion designers and influencers;
  • Communicate with people keen on fashion industry;
  • Always be aware of latest world fashion trends;
  • Share your photos with other users;
  • Like and comment on posts.


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