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Website for a Real Estate Agency

Website revamp for luxury real estate company.


The company turned to IntexSoft in order to update an existing website. The client also wanted to develop an information portal for selling luxury apartments where they could place all the information about their company’s expertise and services.


Team Composition

  • Project manager

  • 2 Full-stack developers

  • Layout specialist

  • Business analyst


IT experts


years project duration




After a detailed study of the request and project details, the IntexSoft team proposed to redevelop the website from scratch. This was the most optimal solution since the application architecture was not implemented correctly which could cause issues with the implementation of all the customer’s ideas. Our specialists have drawn up a work plan, diagrams, and estimations to transfer everything to the new platform. At that time, the client had 2 websites, one of which was written in Yii. The site had not been functioning for users for a long time, but its base and some features were actively used for the existing site developed on Yii 2.


The layout for the frontend part had to remain the same. Administration was performed on the basis of a ready-made template provided by the client.


The main goal was to get rid of several databases that were previously used. The development team studied the data in detail and designed a single database. We have implemented data migration to a new database. Thus, we have reduced its size by 10 times.


Since there was a pretty big amount of images, we suggested using a separate static server for storage. On the server, operations with images waere performed using the WebDAV protocol. If necessary, all uploaded images were tagged with watermarks. In addition, the company’s partners had the option to download an image with their own watermark. To facilitate the display of the website, images are converted to WebP format.


One of the requirements of the project was to integrate the website with other applications. One of them is Davinchi, which is used by the customer and their employees. Communication between the website and Davinchi occurs via SOAP requests.


Another important task of the project was to rename the main routes while preserving the old ones for search robots. To do this, we have implemented our own redirect system so that the client could see and manage all changes that occur with the routes.


It was also necessary to implement reports generation with the ability to easily change the template for the client. The development team used Jasper for this purpose.

Methodology & Transparency

Initially, the work was organized according to the Waterfall model. Later we moved on to Agile and worked in sprints.


All the code written is stored in the client’s Git.


Our specialists arranged a test server for development. There the client could check how everything works before it goes live. All releases were marked with versions, which made it possible to work with a stable version or switch to another one if necessary.


IntexSoft developers have enhanced the operation of the site, which has improved the promotion of the client’s brand. In addition, the Intexsoft team optimized the project architecture and the database. This solution significantly reduced the use of server resources.


  • Site administration

    work with images (watermarking, resizing, and quality management), custom redirect system for the website

  • Property search & overview

    displaying information on real estate for sale, generating sales/purchase reports for each apartment, filtering data by location and other criteria

  • Integration

    with Davinchi using SOAP requests

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