Cryptocurrency trading platform

Crypto trading platform created according to the specifics and rules of German law.


The client recruited IntexSoft to develop a crypto exchange with a strict set of rules that comply with German laws and regulations. The main difficulty was the tight deadlines of the project.


Team Composition

  • 2 Full-stack developers

  • QA engineer


IT experts


months project duration




IntexSoft’s specialists developed a platform for cryptocurrency trading in accordance with the specifics and rules of German law.


The main objective of the project was to create a tool that allows users to trade cryptocurrency. Our experts have developed functionality for organizing auctions and conducting the purchase/sale of lots on display.


To ensure security on a project, Intexsoft specialists implemented:


  • Logging in via password
  • HTTPS protocols and data encryption
Methodology & Transparency

The customer could contact the dev team directly to resolve any issues. The team organized video conferences with the customer where they decided which changes could be implemented to improve the system.


During the project development we followed waterfall development model, which was the most suitable in terms of a clearly defined budget and strict requirements.


  • Exchange current status

    information about the currency, rate, offers for trading

  • Purchase/sale of cryptocurrency

    opportunity to enter the bidding for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency, the ability to send a request for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency

  • Work with transactions

    creation of a transaction for the auction, story of transactions and orders

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