The e-commerce system of needed a complete upgrade. Within the project IntexSoft team had the tasks to:

  • - provide support for adaptive design;
  • - implement modern and convenient payment methods;
  • - set up flexible tools to attract more buyers;
  • - optimize workflows, such as user registration, ordering, etc.;
  • - ensure integration of the security service with internal order processing ERP-systems;
  • - find a flexible solution for migration of to a new e-commerce system.


At the first stage we thoroughly analysed the business logic of the integration with third-party systems. On client's demand, the e-commerce system was expected to provide high automation. That was why we came up with a self-healing data exchange solution.

At the first stage of the project development, the client offered to choose a new e-commerce system from basic solutions - Shopware, Oxid and Magento 2. Our team recommended Magento 2 as the most suitable system: it has a large community, a huge plug-in selection and it does not bind a software product to the vendor. IntexSoft developers chose a cloud solution with Docker containers as the architecture system.

This enabled to be independent of contractors. This solution helped to run the container with the application at any time and in any data center and without complex manipulations.

Team Composition

The dedicated team of developers handled the project. IntexSoft performed front-end and back-end development. The line-up:

Business Analyst

Project manager

3 front-end developers

3 back-end developers

2 QA specialists


IntexSoft team constantly held negotiations with the client’s CTO and his assistant. Each month our representatives visited the client's office, where they demonstrated the results of work performed. At the final stage of the development process, we negotiated the edits and comments with the client on a daily basis.

Key Features

  • new e-commerce system;
  • responsive web design;
  • adaptive platform that does not require changes to the basic system;
  • complex integration with the internal ERP system;
  • integration of installed plugins;
  • possibility to connect new plug-ins quickly and easily.


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