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Product Supply Chain Tracking Service




The customer needed to develop an internal corporate application for product supply chain monitoring. We were requested to create a service for tracking product supply chains. It works by creating projects (jobs) within the system, in which the entire production pathway is recorded: from application to delivery to the end customer.



IntexSoft specialists synchronized the application with the corporate service for holding tenders. Thanks to this, our client can easily integrate projects with the tender system and automatically create and launch tenders.

One of the essential technical tasks was the synchronization of the service with the SAP system. IntexSoft specialists created the possibility to process incoming invoices in SAP ERP automatically.

Initially, it was necessary to adjust the parameters that affect the total amount of value-added tax manually in each project. We have created a feature for VAT calculation: a user imports the Excel file into the application – and the system automatically calculates the tax amount for each project.



App working cycle

In the application, the order processing cycle occurs as follows:


When receiving an order for the delivery of any product, an employee creates a project (job) in the app, where they specify all the data: product name, quantity, and delivery address.


The employee integrates the project (job) with the system to create the tenders. To do this, a user needs to generate an XML-file based on the order in semi-automatic mode and load it into the tender system. After launching the tender, all suppliers of this product type receive letters describing the request. If the project includes several types of products, a user can also create several tenders.


A contract is concluded with the companies that win the tender, then they proceed to fulfill the order. An XML file is created in the tender system based on the project and uploaded to the product supply chain tracking app. The project information about suppliers, cost, and delivery time is transferred automatically.


When the products are ready, the supplier company delivers them to the logistics company's warehouse. The employee notes this in the project and arranges delivery to the office of the end-customer.


The project is billed in automatic mode and is considered closed after the end-customer makes the settlement.



Methodology & Transparency

The IntexSoft team followed the Scrum methodology throughout the project. At the end of each sprint, our specialists organized a review of the project where they collected feedback from the client and discussed how to improve the application.


Team Composition

A dedicated team of specialists worked on the project.

Project manager

3 full-stack developers





With the app, product supply chain tracking has become more transparent and convenient. The application helps to:

  • Increase the efficiency of customer service.
  • Find the most suitable suppliers.
  • Buy products at a lower price.


Key Features

  • Synchronization with the corporate application for tenders.
  • Synchronization with the SAP system.
  • Automatic VAT calculation.
  • Full-text search.
  • Saving of full information about the order.
  • Change of project status.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Automatic report creation.
  • Copying projects within a Campaign.
  • Creation of tenders and reports for several projects at once within a Campaign.
  • Multi-user access for employee data entry.
  • German and English language support.


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