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November 19, 2018 • by Alexandra

Education Apps for Communication

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While some might not know about the education apps for communication between teachers and parents, others enjoy the benefits they provide: improving students’ achievement, motivation, and attendance. Effective communication channels build functioning school-family relations, serving as a foundation for deeper family involvement in the educational system as a whole and positively impacting the learning process.


The importance of creating a united community


It cannot be overstated. Since parents are the original teachers and the best role models for their children, their active participation in their kids’ education plays a vital role in further academic performance, social habits, emotional and cognitive development. By working as a team, schools and parents promote healthy learning conditions and ensure the social and physical well being of all students.


By engaging parents and community resources effectively, schools address essential student needs regardless of their nature. Active family and community participation prompts partnering among schools, families and community, optimizing resource sharing and helping youth to establish healthy relations with their peers and the rest of society.



Popular Tools for All Tastes


The available education apps for communication allow you to select the optimal solution which works best for you in terms of your academical needs and usability. The most popular of them include:


  • SchoolFox – a platform for the education sector to help in communication between teachers and students’ parents. If a user needs to send any information, it is easy to create a message in the app: a teacher does not need to call up all the parents or write letters to them.





  • Class Dojo makes a perfect fit for the elementary school thanks to its emoji icons and graphic theme. This simple and positive app provides rich messaging functionality and improves positive reinforcement practices for little learners by supporting the thematic reward point system.





  • Atcovation app offers user-friendly features which enable easy messaging, files, photos, and videos upload, homework assignments, and parent updates on important school-wide events on a timely basis. While attendance tracking becomes a simple and quick job for teachers, the parent’s job is also reduced by the ability to excuse the child’s absences via the app. The best feature, though, is the analytics dashboard presenting student information in a graphic form for more comfortable and speedy analysis.





  • Remind app functions exactly match the app’s name. The app serves as a secure and instant messenger between teachers, parents, and students. Reminders, messages, assignments, homework – everything works within the app in a private way, keeping the phone numbers hidden and secure.





  • Edmodo shares the messaging capacities of other apps but supplements them with its “spotlight” feature, enabling parents to perform the web search for school-related subjects. Online grade books conveniently share student progress. Edmodo allows for synchronizing with Google Apps and Microsoft office making it a perfect tool available to everyone.





  • Bloomz takes the lead for those parents who use Facebook and thus can easily switch to an app with similar features. These options include posts to the feed with likes, comments, and sharing. The system supports the same messaging and file uploads opportunities as the previous apps but leaves some space for teachers’ creativity by offering tools for making documents, polls or parent sign-in sheets.





  • Teno App offers a row of additional functions like attendance tracking, homework assignments with automatic corrections and final results, student profiles in the form of an online diary storing vital information on students and their progress. Moreover, Teno App enables online fee payments, making it the most comfortable solution for busy parents.





  • School Plus App contains equally useful features like students’ detailed profiles, attendance records available for parents review, templates for content creation, test results and explanatory details, class timetables and school event schedules, and fee information. The app can be operated either by mobile phone or desktop client, making it easily accessible to everyone.





Checklist of Features You Might Need


  • Exhaustive messaging opportunities enabling both private and group chats, different kinds of attachments, instant messages with like and comment options
  • Easy sharing of timetables, schedules, test results with comments on mistakes with reminders for upcoming events
  • Homework assignments with the list of supporting materials
  • Attendance module accessible by teachers, parents and school administration
  • Fee details review
  • Alert notification system
  • Incentive module for praising student efforts
  • Behavioral student assessments
  • Online school fee payments
  • Security setting for keeping contact information private
  • Charts with student performance dynamics
  • Online access to outside school-related subjects
  • Templates for document creation
  • Online tests and surveys


All-around Gain


The gain from teacher-parent education apps for cimmunication is different for every party; however, the most important is the impact of parental involvement on student performance.


Children, secure in the constant yet intangible attention to their school life, adapt to school better than those with uninvolved parents. They have fewer problems with attendance and homework completion.


From the academic perspective, such children usually earn higher grades and succeed on their tests.


A major effect, though, is observed in students’ social development as kids raised in the concerned community have greater ambition and are more likely to go to college, develop better social skills and higher self-esteem as well as boast good relationships with their parents.


Teachers’ and parents’ perks usually involve increased productivity from each party as a result of easy and time-saving solutions.


Teachers spend time on simultaneous connection with students and parents while posting home assignments and tests results, dealing with attendance issues, and organizing different class events and initiatives. Available tools for content creation, tracking, and automated performance analysis reduce teachers’ workload and free them up for other important and creative tasks. The transparent communication between teachers and parents ensures the necessary level of trust and commitment needed to better address possible issues with student performance, attendance, social life and health. The dedicated community serves as the foundation of the socio-economic life of the new generation with a strong social position and improved academic base.





Although it’s up to every parent and teacher to decide on the level of involvement they wish to show to their children’s school life, one should always remember that the prosperous future of any venture significantly, if not entirely, depends on the efforts undertaken at its start. If we care enough to show the necessary level of support to our children when they actually need us, they can grow into people far better than we could have expected.




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