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How to Get your Mobile App Ready for the Holiday Season

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At the present time, mobile applications play a crucial role in the modern digital retail world. If your business wants to make a splash this season and enhance the number of visitors, you need to be sure your app is well designed.


Here are some clues for getting your mobile application prepared for a wonderful season of holidays.


1. Special Holiday Design




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The simplest way to bring the joy of upcoming festivals to your customers is to create a new design feature for your mobile application. It’s not a big deal to redesign your app’s main screen, update new icons, change the colors of the Header/Screen Background to a holiday style.



2. Rewrite the Description


Your description should highlight your apps features, what products you sell and what promotions you offer. It’s challenging and important to overcome the pre-purchase investigation, hit your target auditory and get the loyalty of each customer. If the keywords you’ve selected for your description are good and relevant to your app, it will undoubtedly increase conversions.



3. Have a Giveaway



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A giveaway is always a good way to draw the attention of your future users. You need to prepare a desirable price for customers and raise the competitive feeling among them. The prize can be one of the expensive products from your store, special discounts or free services you provide to one or few users selected at random. Don’t forget to promote your giveaway on the social medias and other platforms! A lot of steps for taking a chance in the giveaway can make your customers bored and the process of it troublesome.



4. Think about Holidays Specials


Special offers help your company stand out among other businesses. Decide what unique product or service you can propose to shoppers and promote them. Using social platforms, adding your holiday specials to the description of the app, adding a new feature on your home screen are perfect options for promoting a strategy of amazing special deals during festivals.



Source: (business2community.com)



5. Use Push Notifications to Attract Users


Communicate with your audience through push notifications, but be aware who your auditory is, when they need it and what they respond to. There is no need to send three messages in a row about a sale in your shop. Within your push notification settings, you can optimize the scheduled start and end dates of your messages and establish them for the time zones of your users. Furthermore, create your notifications in accordance with personalized information about your customers. It becomes a direct path of communication between you and them. People like being shown they’re important. Show your clients you know their needs and requirements via notifications.



Source: (emarsys.com)



The era of technology has opened new opportunities to the whole of range of e-commerce businesses as well as users. Smartphones and tablets are major players in this transformation. Mobile apps are a powerful tool in online business today. If you’re not improving and redesigning them for your business from time to time, you could already be behind the competition.

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