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How to Make Sure Your App Idea Is Unique

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Many tasks became easier with the invention of mobile apps. They have changed the way we do business and have allowed everyone to be more flexible and mobile. Moreover, mobile app development is one of the profitable spheres in the global market. Instagram has an estimated worth of more than $100 billion while Uber targets $120 billion valuation.


Every app has been created for special purposes. We’re going to discuss some tips that help everyone understand how to create a unique app and whether its development is worth your time, money and efforts.


Step-by-step Way to Find a Great Idea for an App


When you open the phone and see plenty of apps installed on it, you have no doubt about their purpose and uses. The inspiration for developing an app starts with the existing problem that creators hope to solve with their mobile app.


To begin with, you need to identify the problem you’ve experienced and try to find the best solutions. These solutions can be quite similar, but it’s important to keep in mind different approaches that can solve the problem in more effective, faster and cheaper ways.


Browse for inspiration in the App Store and Google Play. First of all, it’s worth checking the charts of the most popular apps and exploring which problems they solve. Then you can go through the app reviews, see what can make these apps better and what you can change. In that case, there’s no need to come up with a totally new idea. You can create an app that will solve the same problem as many other apps, but your app will offer a greater experience for the user. Another option is to target the niche that nobody recognized before.



Gather Data for Ensuring the Uniqueness of Your Mobile App


The key goal in the mobile app business is to create an original app that has not been created before. A lot of ideas that come to your mind while developing an app are not innovative. That’s why you should do extensive research on the mobile app market.


When you decide the purpose of your app, try to find companies with similar tasks. Study their applications, pay attention to details and try to figure out the differences between them. That will help you to create an app that will stand out among others.


Search engines like Google can help you come across diverse information. Never stop researching because more and more ideas will appear in your mind, leading you to the most successful one. It is also true that a few special features of your app can make it popular. You need to be careful before implementing your ideas into the app features. These features have a crucial impact on users. If your app is effective, convenient, exciting, interesting, fast and helpful, people will definitely use it.



Steps to Take After You Have an App Idea


When you have done sufficient research, keeping in mind an idea for a mobile app, the most difficult part is figuring out which steps you need to take next. Creating and launching an app requires a lot of time, effort and energy, but you also need to know what you should complete in order to make the startup of your dream.


In the beginning, you need to understand:


  • how much time you are going to commit,
  • how much money you can invest in your project,
  • and which risks are involved.


Then the value of your proposition brings the biggest part of success. Your app should propose different solutions to the existing problems among other applications. Highlight the reasons users should download and use your mobile app. After that, you will no longer have any rivals in that field.


Having an app idea without a detailed plan doesn’t sound serious or dedicated. The developer should understand your needs, schedule, and budget, so it’s better to prepare one of these documents: RFP (Request for proposal), wireframe or interactive prototype of your project.


RPF is convenient for people who discovered a problem but don’t know how to solve it. This document builds on the basic principles of the project without a deep understanding of how to develop it. Wireframe consists of sketches that show more details and complexities of an app. Interactive prototype makes it possible to avoid misunderstandings between you and the developer from the first day of work. This document displays all of the features, animations, designs and other elements of the startup.


Launching an app and starting a company can’t be done by one person. You should find co-founders and create your own team to work toward the same goals. What is more, developing an app involves a lot of costs. The financing depends on the purpose of an app. The more complex it is, the more funds you need to spend.


In the modern app market, there is a huge range of apps available for every picky user, so it has become very difficult to come up with an idea which hasn’t been discovered before. But, instead of waiting for others to design good ideas, motivate yourself to create an app that will change the future by understanding existing problems, doing deep research on the market, and building a great team.


Have an idea!

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