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The web platform for true music lovers, where anyone can search for backing tracks, samples, explore new musicians and composers.



LuteIT CEO is a musician and recording studio owner performing in New York. He came up with the idea of creating a web application for music fans and professionals. This platform would enable users to search and buy backing tracks, samples, sell their own music, and explore other musicians, composers etc.


IntexSoft team developed and designed all the functionality of the web app from scratch. In developing the music app we used PHP 7.2 and Symphony 4 framework for the back-end, while ReactJS was chosen for the front-end, and PostgreSQL 10 served as the database management system.

The client also entrusted IntexSoft to choose a hosting provider. Amazon was selected to be the best solution as the project required a large file storage. The site would contain many musical compositions and the app would expand constantly. Amazon Cloud services allowed organizing a flexible file storage with lower costs.


  • HTTPS secure connection and a third-party payment system Braintree was used in the project.
  • JWT tokens were used for authorization.
  • As for audio content security, users do not have a direct access to MP3 files – they are stored in Amazon S3, and then linked through another Amazon service CDN, which generates secure links with a limited period of validity. Through this link, a user can listen to the audio file but cannot share the link with somebody else.

Team Composition

The dedicated team of developers handled the project. IntexSoft performed front-end and back-end development. The line-up:

Business Analyst

Project manager

3 front-end developers

3 back-end developers

2 QA specialists


We provided the client with a full access to Jira – an enterprise project management tool – to monitor the project development process.

Before each sprint, the team discussed plans for the further actions with the client.

On the financial side, IntexSoft provided the client with a clear budget estimation. It included the basic estimate for the project and for each development stage.


  • three user access packages: basic (free), consumer package and provider package;
  • a tree-like menu for tools (all tools are divided into types and subtypes);
  • feed pages containing already finished works by musicians providing services on the platform;
  • sharing of music files created via Marketplace;
  • platform blog;
  • video review section.
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