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June 28, 2023 • by Margarita

Best Ecommerce Tracking App in 2023

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This article helps store owners navigate their eCommerce tracking app search. You will find information about the top 5 best shipping software in 2023 – ShipStation, Shippo, AfterShip, EasyShip, and Narvar – and determine how well their key features, advantages, and cost work for you. Need more? Get a free consultation from our experts.

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An ecommerce tracking app is what you need for analytics, better customer experience, and brand loyalty – fact!


According to a Statista report, the global market for tracking apps will reach $5.4 billion in 2023. This growth will continue in quantum leaps as data becomes an increasing priority for businesses seeking to succeed.


The infographic shows projected ecommerce revenue and growth rates worldwide in billions (USD).
The infographic shows projected ecommerce revenue and growth rates worldwide in billions (USD).



As long as most shoppers prioritize delivery as a critical issue in deciding whether to buy, tracking apps will be popular. They offer convenience, transparency, speed, and support to sort out all delivery problems simultaneously. That’s why we are brave with advanced logistics technologies.


In this article, IntexSoft will focus on the top 5 most popular shipping tracking apps in 2023 that are helpful for any entrepreneur or store owner seeking to drive profitability.


E-commerce tracking: top 3 reasons why it is a must-have for companies  


The answer is obvious. You want to skyrocket in popularity, not plummet. The best shipping app opens the way for:


  • Improved customer experience. According to Instapage, 83% of customers expect regular communication about their orders. 53% will place an order if they know exactly when it will be delivered. Therefore, to avoid losing a customer, you must ensure delivery within three days or even offer delivery on the same day (if possible) and inform the client about the order’s status by modern methods. E-commerce tracking apps will cover this ground. You will also receive analytics, an essential in the modern age. You can be 100% aware of which fields you can improve the customer experience — site navigation, product recommendations, and the checkout process.


  • Better inventory management. In addition, best tracking applications provide supply management tools to improve planning and optimize inventory.


  • Increased sales. Business owners can utilize opportunities to upsell or cross-sell products, identify popular products, predict demand, and target customers with personalized marketing messages.



Setting sail for success: A deep dive into the best shipping apps to optimize your logistics


Check the table below for the five most popular apps and read about their key features. 



Key features of popular tracking apps


Tracking appAdvantagesUsed by
ShipStationComplete automation of the tracking system
Good inventory management system
Package tracking via a mobile application
Branded pages for an improved customer experience
Collaborations with stores and platforms
Pricing and discount policy
E-commerce business of any scale
ShippoShipment tracking with the mobile benefit
Easy to use 
Integrations with helpful platforms and major carriers 
Synchronizing orders
Free return labels
Free plan and affordable prices
Small business owners and e-commerce merchants
AfterShipUnique options for business owners
Flexibility with Return Center 
Integrations with helpful platforms 
Branded pages
Offer a free shipping plan and several free alternatives to use
Companies of all sizes Suitable for prominent international players
EasyShipMultiple integrations 
Real-time tracking
Full automation
Low shipping rates
Companies of all sizes Ideal for businesses that require real-time tracking
NarvarBranded tracking with an individual page
Functional flexibility
Real-time tracking
Self-service documentation
High shipping rates
Massive online stores Retailers with large budgets 
Businesses that require full tracking functionality

Alright, it’s time to dig deeper into each shipping app separately. 



ShipStation: still a leading shipping app for E-commerce


ShipStation is the best order-tracking software in many ways, with more than ten years of experience in the industry. The main strength of this supply chain management platform was and still is a big bet on total automation of the shipping process. The app is driven by providing customers with the best conditions in terms of price without delivery delays.



If you want to save money and get the most extensive list of benefits simultaneously, ShipStation is what you need. Apparently, among e-commerce solutions tracking, it is a true happy medium.



Let’s look at the winning factors that make ShipStation great in more detail.




  • Automation. The app immediately creates client self-service portals, tracking pages, and branded packing lists. Automation makes printing shipping labels and returning labels by default afterward easy to significantly speed up the delivery process.


  • Mobile app. This platform gives customers a more convenient way to monitor shipments. An arrival notice is sent to the consignee after the shipment arrives at the destination. If there is a desire to use the mobile ShipStation app, you need to pay extra, and you will receive regular notifications about the current status of your orders.


  • Branded pages. Branded pages are unique ShipStation offerings, which are only sometimes available in the market for tracking apps. A separate page is specifically designed for your brand. The email will direct the customer to the branded page with the shipment information. The customer will see your brand contact information and links to your social media and store. You’ll end up with an alternative sales channel.


  • Collaborations. This shipping app is developing a network of integrations for high-quality e-commerce delivery tracking. Partners include 35+ digital stores and e-commerce platforms. For example, ShipStation is one of the Shopify shipping apps. The number of integrations with logistics companies will have reached 85+ by 2024, offering massive choice.


  • Pricing and discount policy. The company is bucking the trend, providing the lowest shipping prices possible. You’ll save up to 84% off USPS retail rates. ShipStation has a 30-day free trial and six pricing options to accommodate businesses of every size. The cheapest package is $9 per month and includes 50 shipments. At $159, you can get the best of it – 10,000 shipments a month.



Shippo: a beneficial choice for a small business


If you choose Shippo, you probably have more wiggle room. This mobile e-commerce tracking platform provides independent choice space for customers. Uncertain about delivery issues? Shippo can help. Sign up for free, compare prices, and find the best deal. There are 85 shipping carriers available. Choose the right one. After shipping label printing, attach a return label and ship as simple as that.


This shipping app is perfect for small business owners taking their first steps. It is the best order-tracking app out there. You can contact the company’s support team with more significant corporate needs.



Here are some core points that you must remember about this affordable shipping app. 




  • Integrations & synchronizing orders. You can effortlessly connect to almost any e-commerce service and platform to benefit. There are unlimited amounts of integrations. Shippo is one of the best Shopify shipping apps because the platform guarantees visual tracking. Etsy, Woo Commerce, Magento, and others are also supported by default.


  • Free shipping labels. You pay purely when a customer makes a return. Shippo takes care of the cost of printing the return labels.


  • Good prices. Shippo attracts customers with high discounts because of contracts with major shippers such as USPS and DHL. Business owners can get up to 90% discount when using USPS. A free 30-day free trial period is included. Moreover, Shippo is one of the rare companies offering free delivery on the Starter plan. There is only one condition – you have to use the default shipping carriers. The Professional plan gives you the privileges of a VIP client: 5 accounts, branded service, and automation. Up to $200 for 10,000 labels.


AfterShip: The secret to seamless order tracking in the E-commerce world


Every day AfterShip’s automated platform handles 6 billion shipments. It is one of the best shipping apps. Ten thousand worldwide customers make this company the ambitious shipping aap leader it is today. What is it about AfterShip that has allowed it to become so popular? The 2-in-1 formula: tracking and returns. That’s why the AfterShip rating is 4.5 on Shopify (over 1,700 positive reviews) – customers love it.



Take a glance at the key features to find more. 




  • AfterShip Return Center. The return processes are entirely automated. AfterShip Return Center provides the most flexible shipping method to enable you to return part, half, or all of a paid product to the store. You can select the option to replace the order with a tracking number. The customer specifies the service he needs, and then the platform does everything for him to offer convenient e-commerce order tracking options.


  • Special corporate shipping options. You can select from over 800 logistics service providers in the AfterShip database. A decisive factor is the advanced international package delivery level. This shipping app offers branded reports and analytics for your company. You’ll be able to see the efficiency of delivery and discover areas to improve. Your customers will receive emails and SMS shipment notifications about the order status – additional functionality costs $11 per month.


  • Branded tracking page. Apart from significantly increasing customer engagement, it also provides an opportunity to conduct a detailed consumer behavior analysis for a different strategy.


  • Shipping costs. You can make 50 shipments a month for free with fundamental parameters, or AfterShip guarantees a free trial period.



EasyShip: Cheap shipping apps have become a reality  

EasyShip is a well-rounded shipping app that lives up to its name. This application stands out among others with its straightforward approach to the shipping process. All options are transparent and immediately displayed for online business. Additionally, the app is almost free of charge.





  • Multiple integrations. The system includes more than 250 major shipping carriers. Most work internationally (USPS, UPS, DHL). This shipping app also integrates with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce). Believe it or not, building your Shopify store is half the battle for selling your product. Another advantage is that the business gets an excellent opportunity to manage shipping processes from a single dashboard.


  • Automation of the shipping process. EasyShip has a built-in automatic shipping rates calculator for counting rates of duties and taxes. The customer immediately sees the delivery cost, which will remain the same. You also know the estimated delivery date and can use synchronization for your orders. Print your shipping labels directly from the app.


  • Real-time tracking. You can consistently monitor the location and status of your shipping products with tracking pages to know the exact delivery times to meet customer expectations.


  • Discounted shipping rates. EasyShip receives a commission from contracted couriers. Because of this, this tracking app can run an attractive pricing policy being practically free for businesses. However, delivery prices for your customers are often higher than the market rate. EasyShip installation is free, but there may be outside fees.



Narvar: Online order tracking system to revolutionize your order management


Narvar is the most adaptive of all e-commerce shipping applications out there. It is a supply chain management platform to bring extra flexibility to the business of e-commerce owners. The company has raised over $64 million in funding in 38+ countries with over 5 billion orders a year (125 million customers).


Narvar has every possible option to meet shipping needs ideally – shipping insurance, storing inventory, and same-day delivery. But the shipping rates make this platform unsuitable for small businesses. Moreover, one should consider that fully implementing Narvar in your online store software will take 60 to 90 days.




  • Special corporate shipping options. Narvar offers tools to maximize the number of loyal customers. Surveys, reports, and feedback forms help drive that mission. You get ready-to-use analytics for your business. On the other hand, your customers are guaranteed proactive email or SMS notifications, a wide range of fast delivery options, estimated delivery dates, and a feedback channel. Both shipment tracking via the Narvar app and on the web is affected. Product recommendations are included. You can also choose to insure shipments and select a particular mode of transportation and storing goods, if necessary.


  • Easily adaptable branded tracking page. The average business owner can adjust a branded page without much effort. It’s become easy to customize content for the correct type of device. You can choose layouts, color settings, text formatting, and images. The branded page is also easily updated for special events or holidays.


  • Self-service documentation. You do not need to send a ticket to the Narvar Support Team; create and configure the necessary functions yourself. The Narvar self-service documentation is there for that purpose, making it easy to process all the documents.


  • Non-transparent shipping rates. Narvar’s shipping rates are restricted information. The only way to find out is to consult the company’s team. Prices are quite high without the free trial version.

E-commerce tracking in 2023: Takeaways


As the global network world has skyrocketed during the pandemic, we have witnessed a 5x growth in the online services industry, and that’s just the beginning. The e-commerce field needs modern shipping apps that meet all the ever-growing customer demands – the convenience of logistics platforms, same-day delivery, and inventory management with multi-inventory sync. You can see a general trend toward lower prices and shipping apps are trying to make service as inexpensive as possible, offering up to 12 price packages. Some apps can be helpful for small businesses, while others perform well at giant stores. It all comes down to convenience, budget and speed of delivery for all parties involved.


Are you looking for an order-tracking tool for your business? As we alluded to earlier, the shipping app market will continue to grow by 14% in 2023, so there’s time to take advantage of this market opportunity and diversify your business. IntexSoft has a knowledgeable and experienced team on hand to help you deal with any issue and grow your business even further. Drop us a line to discuss today.

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